June 23, 2012

Leibster Blog Award

Sweet Claire from aucuparia-brumalis has kindly nominated me for the Leibster Blog Award. Thank you, Claire! If you haven't already followed her blog, you should. She features lovely Japanese hard-to-come-by brands with a thoughtful approach to her posts, especially her reviews. 

The Leibster Award gives recognition to bloggers with less than 200 followers, to encourage them to blog more. The encouragement is very touching, and I appreciate the time you spend to read and comment on my posts. Your comments are something that I always look forward to on a daily basis. I apologise for not posting frequently enough, especially lately. More news on that front later...

I am so glad I found blogging and this wonderful community. I used to think that it's pointless to blog, since the beauty space is already very crowded. But I've since changed my opinions about it - I now believe that there's an unlimited space when you read and meet inspiring people (whatever it is they blog about). What better way to know someone across the world by connecting on common interests? 

I know I am meant to link 5 bloggers with less than 200. It's a hard task - considering that I keep my reading lists limited to what I can honestly keep up with daily. Since then, most of these blogs have gained a number of followers, more than 200! 

But, I do have 4 bloggers that instantly came to mind and they deserve a hearty mention. 

My Beauty Hoard is the mama of hauls, including things that are hard-to-get and downright lovely. She covers many brands and definitely a blog to follow, not excluding the fact that Jacqueline is very approachable and down-to-earth. 

Indigo Kir Royale has been a my source for my lemmings. She has a keen eye for pretty things, and takes fantastic photographs. I believe she has only started out, but she has the potential to be a great resource for all beauty fanatics.

Miaka My Life is a hidden gem. The author behind the blog is one smart lady, with a pragmatic view on beauty - something that I relate to 100%. She has a variety of interests including food, movies, and cute cats. Head over to her blog and give her your support.

Product Doctor Beauty Blog has been my latest discovery. She covers some to-die-for brands and writes beautifully, with a description that matches exactly to the product.

If you have any bloggers who you think deserves recognition, why not link it below?

Thanks for reading!


Jacqueline said...

I am very honored that you like to read my blog, what more can a blogger ask for knowing that she has connected with her audience. I always look forward to receiving comments from you and I'm just glad that my friendship circle has widened. I have met so many new people through blogging. When you pop by Singapore, we must meet up. :)

Tracy said...

Definitely looking forward to meeting you in person! Thanks always for your ongoing support!

~ Claire ~ said...

Tracy, I agree with what you said about blogging. I also went back and forth if I should even start blogging, because there are so many wonderful people doing it already. but, as you said, it is a great community with unlimited space and people kinda connect, talk and have fun, discussions, etc. I love your blog and keep up the good work >.<

Shelnmum said...

Hi Tracy
I support your nominations of My Beauty Hoard and Indigo Kir Royale. I think these 2 ladies are very dedicated bloggers! :) I laughed out loud when you refered to Jacqueline as MaMa of Hauls :D I always look forward to seeing her latest hauls :) As for Indigo, yes, she has great photos and detailed descriptions of the products :) And you could always feel her warmth and her sincerity when she replied to her readers'comments! :)

Shelnmum said...

Hi Tracy, thanks for nominating My Beauty Hoard and Indigo Kir Royale! They are two of my favourite blogs :) I think they are two ladies who are really dedicated to their blogs! I laughed out loud when you refered to Jacqueline as Mama of Hauls :D I always look forward to her haul posts! As for Indigo, she has beautiful pics and detailed description of the products, and you can feel her warmth and sincerity when she replied to her readers' comments :)

Miaka said...

Tracy, can't thank you enough for the encouragement and nominations. :)

Maria said...

i didn't notice before, but i'm sure your blog is worth having 2000+ followers! for me it's unique!

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