June 4, 2012

Finished Products for the Month of May

This month I finished 8 things. I am adamant in finishing all the 'skincare and haircare' stuff I have stacked in my cupboard. It was looking quite ridiculous in the beginning of the year, and now it's starting to show signs of sanity. I just need to fight the online shopping urges. And they are quite profound lately... The routine has been about clicking products into the basket and then emptying, only to restart all over again.  

I'm trying very hard to finish something makeup related. It's hard. I just keep on trying new things (and acquiring more and more). Plus, banning myself from buying makeup only makes me buy more eventually. Personally, I find project 10 pan related blog posts very interesting - it's representative of what you like to use on a daily basis. I know that my blue turqoise eyeliner will never be part of posts like these, and neither will a blush or whatever. However, when I do see someone complete a blush or an eyeshadow, I can only swoon and wish I could do that too! That really takes commitment and determination!!!

Anyway, here is this month's breakdown:

Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Fresh
I bought this in the large 450mL size, and this bottle has lasted me for about 8-9 months. Its one of my trusted skincare staples, an absolute necessity to remove makeup prior to bed. The pink bottle is geared towards anyone with oily skin, but still remains gentle and effective for the drier months. 3 pumps is what I need to remove all the makeup off my face, followed by another cleanse with my IPSA Cleansing Smooth Foam.

Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Body Lotion
This was another repurchase - I love the texture of the body lotion, in that it's not too creamy and not too lightweight. It's scented of course, in Lavender, so it makes it a perfect bed time routine. My only gripe is the pump and bottle, which makes it impossible to get any last remnants of the cream when it approaches the bottom.

IPSA Cleansing Smooth Foam
I love this cleanser and have gone through tubes and tubes of this. I buy backups whenever I can. It can be quite drying, but it cleanses extremely well. My skin breaks out when I change my cleanser.

Korres Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturiser SPF 6
This came part of the travel pack, and I've been using this mini size during my short trips around Europe. The product itself feels quite heavy on the skin and takes a while for it to be absorbed. I'm not quite used to the greasy feeling, so I would only recommend it for drier skin types.

Kiehls Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Sunscren SPF 50 PA +++
It usually takes me many months to finish a full size skincare product. On the contrary, the Kiehls sunscreen vanished within a few months. I had to deform and squeeze the remaining product that was stuck around the sides of the container and trust me, it was a real pain in the butt. You can find a full review here.

Kerastase Masquintense Epais (for thick hair)
I give credits to the this particular hair masque for restoring the health to my hair. I went through months relying on this in order to smoothen out my damaged ends as a result of a bad perm job. The disadvantage is that it is loaded with silicones, which you would occasionally need to deep cleanse. Otherwise, my hair had never felt so silky and smooth before this. It's really lovely and in fact, I have a backup already in use!

Lush Snow Fairy Showergel for Body and Hair
Cotton candy is the only way to describe this showergel. It's very extremely heavily scented and almost passed me out when I first took my first whiff! Even though it is limited edition, I don't think there's anything special about it.

And finally Cutex Strengthening Nailpolish Remover
Not sure if I should have included this, but I am. I'm searching for a better nailpolish remover - something that could be more gentler to my cuticles, which have been flaking off like no tomorrow.

What have you finished lately?


Haru said...

Well done on finishing up so many products! I also struggle to keep my skincare stash under control, but there are always too many good deals or new tempting products to try. I find the Ipsa cleanser too drying for me, like most Japanese foaming cleansers. I'm very close to finishing up my Paul & Joe Pressed Powder, which would be the first powder I've finished in years!

Tracy said...

Hi Haru! True, the IPSA cleanser is quite drying, but strangely my skin loves it. Oh! the day I see the metallic pan on my powder or blush is the day that I will rejoice! :-))) Enjoy the moment when you get there!

Maria said...

i defenitly need to try IPSA Cleansing Smooth Foam after your posts!

Shelnmum said...

Hi Tracy,
I am just like you! Last month I imposed a beauty no buy on myself and you know what? Just like you, I ended up with more!! Horrors!! I finished my Essie nail polish remover last nite. I am also half way down my 500ml of Snow Fairy which I got in Japan last Oct. And you know what? I have another 500ml bottle which I got online from Lush UK. The crazy hoarder in me! Lol I doubt I will even have a chance to use that bottle as I have 3 to 4 bottles of shower gels in my bath room which I am using concurrently! Totally insane, I know! Lol

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Wow! Major props to you for finishing 8 things! That's a lot. I also envy others when they finish blushes or eyeshadows because those things take forever. Skincare is daily but eye makeup and blushes, I don't always wear them all every day :p I am really intrigued by the Ipsa cleanser you always rave about. I've tried it before from a friend who got it from Taiwan and I could never find another cleanser like it. Do you think it's similar (if any similar at all) to Shiseido's white lucent cleanser?

Sarah S. said...

Good job! I love cleansing oil for removing my makeup before bed, too :) I use Boscia... do you know if Shu Uemura is even better?

Tracy said...

@Maria - you can find IPSA on a number of Asian online stores. I believe bobodave.com or immomoko.com has them, but their shipping is usually horrendous!

@ Shelnmum, lol! The limited edition fairy sold you. I was similarly close to getting the large bottle of LUSH snow fairy. I'll check out the Essie nailpolish remover - hope it's gentler on my cuticles.

@ Rainy Days and Lattes - I've never tried Shiseido White Lucent Cleanser so I can't compare. But I have tried Diorsnow cleanser and I found that I went back to IPSA. I'll be heading to Taiwan soon, so if you'd like it, email me :-)

@Sarah S. Hi Sarah, have not seen Boschia products here in DK. but I heard lots of great things about it! I think the Shu Uemura cleansing oils are really top quality, and they have a lovely range to choose from. I believe it was the cleansing oils that made them famous. Hope that helps?

Miaka said...

Well done!! I've only managed to complete my Clarins gentle foaming cleanser and SK II essence. Close to pan out is the pressed powder from P&J. And yes, I hav not reach the finishing line to complete the Dior lipstick that I blogged about previously. :(

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