May 4, 2012

The Rare Scandanavian Sun!

When I first arrived here in Denmark about a year ago, I couldn't understand why my colleagues were obsessed about the weather. They can talk about it day after day and revolve their daily activities on it. Fast forward a year later, I now understand. It's completely logical why their faces cheer with the slightest beam of sunlight, and why they can go bananas when it's full sunshine. I'm doing exactly that this year!

It's not really that warm yet, but the Danes are stripping to their Ts and shorts, to bank in the sunshine for the colder months. 

Honestly, I have never seen blue skies in my life. Never this blue. I would say it's crimson, almost as dark as the clear ocean water... just a mirror reflection. 

This kind of weather makes you forget about the miserable dark winters and stresses of everyday life. I took a stroll down the usual bike path from my place to the inner city. Here are some shots of my everyday weekend life. 

Having lunch at our favorite burger joints....

Followed by a stroll to the 'Southern European Market' for die-hard fans of salamis, cheeses, breads, and hams. My SO complains that there's hardly any scents to the market... where stinking fish and meats confuse the nose, and everything is basking under consistent sun that it's almost a natural drying process. Well, it's not quite the same, I'd admit. But this is far more interesting than food shopping in Singapore. 

It's going to be an interesting week this week - Greek and French elections are up, and there's a high degree of uncertainty with the European economic stability. Denmark is somewhat immune to the whole Eurozone fiscal mess, however, unemployment is rising and the social security net is becoming more fragile as more people proceed into retirement. 

Well, I hope you have a wonderful Friday with lots of good weather and food. Cheerios!


markedbeautyblog said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Sharleena xx

alice san said...

Awww! i love those picture. it amazing and the food was yummy! :) hehhe

Sarah S. said...

Awesome photos, thanks for sharing!

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