May 31, 2012

Hauling Guerlain by Emilo Pucci 2012 Collection

My hauling has gone a little out of control this summer - with an abundance of choices from Chanel, Dior and now Guerlain, coupled with very little restraining power. 

I did not walk... I RAN to the store to see if they had the Guerlain by Emilo Pucci 2012 Collection released in Denmark. Several times I was disappointed, and at last I decided the best option was to find it in Vienna. And so I did! And you would not have seen a smile any bigger from me that day, when the sales associate said that she still had both of the items I desperately wanted.

My poor SO could not understand my fascination for the 'balls'. Of course, he likes to make dirty jokes out my poor Guerlain balls. 

I think the reason for my insane obsession with Guerlain this time round is purely packaging. This is a collection worth collecting in my opinion. Each piece is thought through with care and detail, from the interior of the boxes to the Pucci fabric sleeve.

My heart stopped beating when I first opened the box containing the Terra Azzurra bronzer and blush. The work that has gone into creating this is just unbelievable.

And the bronzer is even more stunning to look at.

Fortunately enough, I don't go crazy with all the Guerlain meteorites that they have released in the past. I own 4 of them from previous collections (two in cardboard boxes and two in the newer metallic casing). These last a long long time, almost to no tomorrow. My mum adores Guerlain meteorites since the early 2000s and complains that it's too expensive for her. I bought her one a few years back to replace an extremely old meteorites, and she was of course over the moon.

Perles D'Azur is alot more shimmery than the other meteorites I own. I noticed that there is considerably more powdery deposit on the sides of the container, which I don't usually see with my other meteorites. I decided not to pick up the meteorites brush - instead, I intend to use the Shu Uemura red bristle brush in 18R, which is much softer.

Here are all the meteorites that I currently own to date. I'm dying again in makeup heaven!!!

Oh, the price of the Terra Azzurra is significantly more expensive at 68 euros, whilst the meteorites was about 48 euros or so.

If you're still hesitating, I urge you to test it out in stores. You know when you buy something and later have buyers remorse? Well, not this one. Guerlain by Emilo Pucci is an impressive collection - absolutely well done, Guerlain!


Haru said...

I couldn't resist getting the Meteorites too, even though I already have quite a few. The packaging is lovely. Hope they will release another one for this holiday!

~ Claire ~ said...

I LOVE the bronzer - blush duo so much! enjoy your goodies, the blush is just so pretty! I was wearing it almost every day when I first got it D:

Chris El said...

I love reading about your enthusiasm for makeup as I feel the same way about certain brands. I've never tried meteorites. Could you post a picture of a swatch?

Chris :)
My Fashion Trendencies

lunalunaface said...

I love Guerlain's Meteorites too! The Emilio Pucci packaging is stunning!

StreetLove said...

I notice Perles D'Azur meteorites is more shimmery too! I've turned in a collector now. Own a Teint Beige from the permanent range (metal case) and Perles D'Azur :). The BA ask me to buy another can of Perles D'Azur yesterday when I passed by. Gosh

Tracy said...

@Haru - I love your meteorite collection! The only meteorites that I regretted not buying was the butterfly collection in 2009.

@Claire - definitely looking forward to trying the bronzer this weekend!

@Chris El - sure :-) You can see these swatches on Rouge Deluxe. Her pictures shows that slight shimmer.

@Lunalunaface - absolutely!

@Streetlove - one will last you ages, so nobody really needs a backup.

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