May 20, 2012

FOTD: Soleil Tan de Chanel in Sable Rose

Hi everyone! I apologise for the rather late entry on the latest Chanel bronzers, which I'm sure you already would have a chance to see the products in person. 

Today I took out Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Luminous Bronzing Powder in Sable Rose to play for the first time, and I'm impressed. My first impression can probably be described in an epitome statement such as this... 'wow! I'm so glad I got this!'. So if you're still hesitant or in a dilemma on which bronzer to pick up, I can honestly recommend you Sable Rose. 

It's quite hard to believe the dent I've made from last year's bronzer, Bronze Rose 547. I have been wearing this bronzer on a daily basis, and leaving all my poor blushers alone. It was a rather safe and boring choice to acquire this year's Sable Rose, but nonetheless, I realise now that the shade is different enough to justify owning both. If anything, the additional stripes (especially the yellow) just makes my heart swoon. 

The textures of both bronzers are the same, very smooth and creamy to the touch. In fact, the 1st and 2nd stripes of last year's bronze rose is softer than the other two. And that's only evident after the significant usage and deeper dent in the first two. 

Compared to Diorskin Nude Tan in Sunlight 002, Chanel Sable Rose offers more ways to achieve your desired bronze look; either top half, or bottom half of the bronzer.

It took me some time and many visits to the counter to realise the difference between Bronze Rose and Sable Rose. The first time I swatched the two, I could hardly tell the difference. However, this time I realise that Sable Rose's true representation depends on how you swirl the 7 coloured stripes together. 

2011 Bronze Rose is lighter in pigmentation and leans more pink, whilst 2012 Sable Rose is more brown-rose. Again, Dior Sunlight 002 is alot more orange toned and is a traditional bronzer. 

I often like to show the effect bronzers have on my complexion. I think bronzing is a necessary step on top of moderate-heavy foundations, especially powdered compact foundations.

On the contrary, I never liked bronzers all that much when I was living in Singapore. Almost everyone wanted to achieve porcelain white skin, and that was just the in-thing. Alas, the whole bronze look is starting to be my go-to look. It just looks more natural and flattering for the work place. 

I'm going to show you the illuminosity I achieved from Chanel Sable Rose. Lets begin. 

First up, here's me with no bronzer. 

Now with bronzer! Voila! I love Chanel Sable Rose - it's just that perfect sunkissed glow. I daresay that I prefer this over Dior Sunlight. 

I also want to mention the turqoise eyeliner featured in my look today. MAC's Technokohl in Artistic License (released in 2009) is the exact dupe of Dior's latest waterproof eyeliner in Turqoise. I kid you not! I had artistic license swatched on my hand, and I purposely visited the Dior counter, to make a direct comparison. The only difference is that Dior's liner is smoother and creamier. I did a little happy dance when I discovered this, and this just only shows you how crazy I am about makeup. Finding a dupe of brown eyeshadow... sure... But finding a dupe of a turqoise liner? Now, that is rare

Artistic License gives a lovely contrast to the gorgeous neutral, Chanel Duo Contraste Sable Emouvant. 

Here's everything I used for today's look. 

Base Makeup
- Illamasqua Satin Primer
- MAC MSF Natural
- Chanel Sable Rose 

Point Makeup
- Chanel Duo Contraste Sable Emouvant (forgot to include in the picture above)
- MAC Technokohl in Artistic License
- Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara

Did you picked up any of the bronzers from the Chanel Summer 2012 Collection?


~ Claire ~ said...

I love those pics, you look so fresh :D the bronzer looks good on you!really like the colours you have chosen for your FOTD <3

Jacqueline said...

I am dying to get my hands on Sable Rose. You are making me want them. Great look Tracy, I love how summery it is.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I'll bet it is a big culture shock in the preference of makeup and skincare from Denmark to Singapore! I think you look lovely with the lightly bronzed cheeks.. very youthful and very healthy :) Chanel never fails, they just never do!

memoiselle said...

You simply look great in YSL Gloss Stains! nice looking summer look :)

Maria said...

I'm a proud owner of Guerlain terracota bronzer :))) and simply do not need more than 1 bronzer but i just LOVE the way you make your posts.
even if i don't need the product i like to read and to look at your pics :)

OK, so now I'd better start working... it's Monday morning... terrible time!

Tracy said...

@Claire, thank you!!

@Jacqueline, Chanel Sable Rose is a sure winner. :-)

Tracy said...

Hi Jen, I absolutely agree with you. They don't sell bronzers in Singapore (or at least Dior decided not to release Aurora last year). On the other hand, the Danes are obsessed with the tanned look. Not as much as the Brazilians, but close.

Tracy said...

Hi Memoiselle, thank you!! :-)

Hi Maria, you exercise great restraint! I am so shockingly weak when it comes to bronzers. One just isn't enough for me. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy my posts. Happy Monday!

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