May 28, 2012

Charismatic Berlin Part 2

Nothing beats seeing the city in person, even in the best photographs. And Berlin is exactly one of those cities - a feeling you can't quite capture in photos. The strong cultural heritage dating back to the German Empire, the destruction of the World War II, and the post-war era of eastern and western Berlin, infused into this contemporary music-enriched city and infectious underground nightlife is interwoven into the everyday lives of the citizens here. Understandably, the only thing that Germany is wanting to erase, is any record of fascism. The city has gone through alot, and you can only feel this when you're there in person. 

The only thing we did not see was the remaining rock representing the Berlin wall. But what we did see was nothing short of magnificence and marvel. 

Brandenburg Gate

touristic charms

Radio Tower - a futuristic architecture back in the 90s

Postsdamer Platz

We often deviate from our path, taking the off-beaten path into little alleyways of the city, discovering the charms of daily Berlin living. 

And more museums!

The first compass

Coming up, pictures from Vienna (Austria)! We just returned back yesterday, and again, there's just too much to show you! 

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