May 2, 2012

Chanel Summertime 2012 Swatches and Impressions

The Chanel Summertime 2012 Collection is out today, and I eagerly skipped to my local Chanel counter after work to check out the new products. Even though I already have a slight impression of the collection through blogs, I have changed my opinions on a few products after seeing them in person.

I swatched almost everything except the Rouge Coco Shines, which were both missing from the display. So here it is...

Taken indoors with flash

When I swatched both bronzers, Sable Beige and Sable Rose, I was absolutely delighted. They have amazing textures and have colours that distinctive enough to warrant both. As you all would know, pictures can be sometimes be deceiving, and I have noticed that the bronzers can look similar on many comparison pictures. In person, I can say you will notice a distinct difference and this is can be seen on both swatches above and below. Picking one of the two will be your next challenge. I'd say that if you already have Bronze Rose from last year's collection, Sable Rose is only slightly (I should say, marginally) different. Since I love Bronze Rose and have been using it all year round, I would be picking both bronzers up. 

Let me show you a close up picture of the bronzers compared to Bronze Rose from last year's collection. And if you haven't already, Sabrina has done swatches from last year's bronzers to this year's bronzers. Click here!

Taken indoors without flash
I usually take photographs without flash, and with natural lighting. So here is another image with the same swatches with different lighting. 

The next must-have from the collection is quite a challenge - I was drawn towards the Calypso Glossimer, which is so beautifully tangerine orange with lots of shimmer. I was also impressed with the Sable Emouvant Eyeshadow Duo, being a versatile companion for a basic neutral eye. The dark brown is too gorgeous to pass up. 

Out of the 3 nailpolishes, Delight offers the most multifaceted glittering dimension, very similar to last year's Graphite nailpolish. I have only applied a single coat on my swatches above, and they apply beautifully. 

The eyeliners are somewhat average, although Peche Cuivre seemed to tickle my fancy. It's very similar to Sable Beige bronzer, and I'm thinking that it'll be a nice addition towards the inner corners of the eye. 

So what are the must-haves? 
1) Both bronzers if you're a bronzer-addict - go for Sable Beige if you already have Bronze Rose from last year's collection. 
2) Calypso glossimer - Messy Wands has a beautiful lip swatch. Click here!

Probably the most disappointing of them all would be Sirocco Glossimer and Island nailpolish. They were just not unique enough to be stashworthy. 

Overall, Chanel has released a beautiful and stunning collection. What will you be picking up?


~ Claire ~ said...

I am still thinking but I preordered Holiday and Delight nail polsihes. don't know about the bronzers yet (I know I will never use up any of my bronzers anyway). will see how it turns out on my skin, maybe I fall in love with one.

Jacqueline said...

I think I will have a hard time picking only one of the bronzers, knowing me I'll probably get both. I am also drawn to the eye shadow duo, it looks really nice on swatches. How do you find the texture?

Tracy said...

Hi Claire, I have also never finished any bronzer either! I wanted to like Holiday but found it too similar to the OPI Roll in the Hague shade.

Tracy said...

Hi Jacqueline, eyeshadow is very soft, and applies really creamy and smooth. Temptations!

markedbeautyblog said...

I love the way that you did the swatches!

Love the Sable-Emouvant eyeshadow due! So tempting!

Sharleena xx

iariaee said...

Thanks for the swatches! I have zero restraint when it comes to Chanel, so I'll be picking up both Sable Beige and Sable Rose (I want to see how the colour turns to a muted nude blush on me), Delight and Sable Emouvant :)

I love Bronze Rose too, and am glad to see that I have Sable Rose to play with.

Melissa said...

You make me wanna buy expensive makeups!!! :| love your blog! :)

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