May 12, 2012

FOTD: Chanel Ombre Contraste Duo Sable Emouvant... and probing deeper motives

This is my first time trying the Chanel Ombre Contraste Duos, mostly because most things in my collection are either in palettes that contain more than 4 shadows, or singles. I don't own many duo eyeshadows, and I'm not quite sure the reason why. But after this summer's collection, I'm pretty sure I will be more attentive towards future releases of contraste duos. If the quality and texture remains consistent in future releases, I will be stashing up in no time!

Sable Emouvant is an absolutely-magnificently-gorgeous duo. Words can't express how excited I was when I first swatched it, and applied it for the first time to my lids today. Although it may seem like another neutral palette, there's something quite distinct about how these two shades go together. The colours and textures all blend together so easily, that anyone could work this product without having to use sophisticated makeup brushes or techniques to create a lovely daytime look.

The textures and feel of the eyeshadow is beyond me. Although, not quite as buttery and creamy as Burberry Single Eyeshadows, the Chanel applies more of a satiny finish... I would probably sum it up as 'very pigmented and very smooth'. Even though Urban Decay eyeshadows are also extremely pigmented, the pigmentation between Chanel and Urban Decay is different; Chanel requires less blending. 

On closer observation, the brown shade of Sable Emouvant has copperish red flecks, under a rather charcoal tone of brown. Whilst, the beige shade has an illuminating light champagne colour. I combined the look with Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Espresso (part of the regular lineup), and you can see how dark the chocolate brown shade from the palette is when compared side-by-side.

Just the brown shade alone justifies the purchase alone. I'm also glad to have found no 'dupes' from my neutrals stash. Chanel Sable Emouvant swatches darker than Burberry Midnight Brown, and errs a little closer to the darkest brown shade of the limited edition Guerlain Bal de Minuit from the 2009/2010 collection. 

On the other hand, the lighter shade from the palette is versatile as a base for all other types of eye looks. It's close to Burberry Porcelain, which I would rate as my most used eyeshadow currently. The difference is that Burberry Porcelain is a little bit more 'powdery' whilst the Chanel is more satiny. All in all, they are very similar. 

Again, I repeat that blending couldn't be any easier. Here's how it all came together on my eyes today...

The combination of a dark brown eyeliner, especially smoked out and lined on my waterline, really gives that beautiful classical soft daytime look. I buffed in Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer in Blondes Halees, which illuminates my face with a slight shimmer. Then, added Givenchy Prismissime in Maharani Pinks because of it's brown-pink blusher shades. The look is pretty subtle, and not at all dramatic... Almost what I would describe as very natural Parisian. 

I curled my hair for the look today using Babyliss 1 inch (medium) curling tong, and I think it softens the look even more. Also, I want to mention that Illasmasqua Satin Primer underneath Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation, gives the most beautiful dewy glow. This base combination is really lovely. 

Here's what I used for today's FOTD. 

How has your week been? Mine is a little stressful lately - honestly, have not had the best couple of weeks as of late. There has been alot of changes with my work, further compounded with pressure from two sides to make a decision on my next project role. Again, when I'm stressed, I seek comfort in my makeup and blogging... It's the strangest thing, but I think the blogging really helps lift my spirits. I love the comments and support that you have been giving me, albeit the distances we have from each other. Knowing that you are coming to visit my page, because we are all united in our love for makeup. Honestly though, I blog only because I want to share my love for these rather superficial things. It's not my job, it's my hobby. 

I was reading this rather interesting commentary the other day... about how 80% of us are not realising our true potential in life. It made me think what I could be doing otherwise, and what my true motivations are. Even though I would like to say 'work!' or 'improving healthcare!', I'd say that it's not true. I have seen the worst (and the best) of the Corporate life, and the former questions my true motives for why I am continuing in this line. 

So I hope I have better news for you next time I write. 

Have a lovely weekend!


Haru said...

That's a lovely look and your skin looks so flawless! Totally understand what you mean about blogging being a welcome source of comfort in times of stress. It's the same for me. Good luck with your next project!

gigidob said...

Thanks for this look, it's very pretty and understated! I may just pick up this duo from Chanel. I always held out because I didn't believe that I'd use the shades often enough but these look like staples. Sorry to hear about the stress at work I hope that things will start to fall into place soon :)

Miaka said...

Love your LOTD! I am totally getting this! As a friend, I certainly hope the stress at work is getting for you but please blog more though. :) miss u!

Sharleena Bramley said...

Love your look, and love this duo!! Need!

Sharleena xx

Jacqueline said...

The textures look amazing on your swatches Tracy. Oh I want! I love your eye look, classy and simple.

memoiselle said...

I hope you're getting a better days ahead of you.
This is my first time falling in love with a Chanel duo. Usually they don't really attract me but this color is very classy which is something that I love so much :)

Sarah S. said...

Hi Tracy, I'm sorry you're so stressed. You look so lovely in these photos, I would never guess! I really want this duo <3

blushbunny said...

Hi Tracy! I hope everything is fine 8D and this is really nice duooo! 8D as a "nude color" fans, I really have to get this. Thanks for the review! (:

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