April 29, 2012

YSL Glossy Stain in Corail Fauve #12

Every post I've seen/read so far on the blogosphere and Youtube Community only has positive things to say about the YSL Glossy Stains. This range of lip products is quite revolutionary - it works as a stain, a gloss, and a lipstick in one, delivering a punch of colour in a single swipe. 

I picked up only one shade in Corail  (a rather impossible task), not sure how I would like it on my lips. I've now had the chance to wear it in Berlin for a few days, and found the task of keeping my lips prestine and extremely fuss free. I would still recommend a hydrating lip balm underneath, especially for sensitive lips like mine. I didn't experience pronounced dryness, but I've always found my lips to be  prone to flakiness when travelling. 

The color range are all rather pigmented, with many shades that seemed to predominate towards different hues of reds. Corail Fauve is the most attractive from all that I swatched, and I would describe it to be a coral red.

It comes in a spatula-like applicator that is semi-flexible, pointed towards the tip to give a slightly more precise application. 

If you have been reading several blogs about the formula, the best way to apply the lip product is to smear it quickly and as precisely as possible. It applies runny at first, and then becomes tacky within a few seconds. I then apply a second layer towards the centre of the lips to give it a bit more of a glossy dimension. 

Leaving a light stain on my hand after wiping off the product with a tissue. The gloss itself is quite long-lasting, staying put for a 3-4 hours of wear. 

I paired my look today with Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Porcelain. This colour is simply stunning on the lids, blended with Kiko eyeshadow in 122 and Bobbi Brown Eggplant. Burberry eyeshadows are my biggest weakness. They are incredibly versatile and easy to wear as a single colour on the lids. 

All the makeup I used for today's look...!

Other news; been going to hot vinyasa for the last month, and really enjoying the vinyasa sequence. It's a bit of a change from Bikram Yoga. Although, Bikram is highly raved by lots of people, I dislike the scripted flow and the robotic expectations of each pose. I think it's pointless to have a teacher repeat a script over and over again, rather than encouraging you to be more curious about your postures and body. Yoga is afterall a free expression and finding something that you know you'll be happy with. 

I wanted to leave a picture of my beloved yoga mat. Some of you will be thinking 'so what?'. But for me, whenever I see my little bundle of rubber, I can feel my heart do a little dance of happiness. Isn't that funny? 

*sigh* I really love love love my yoga. 

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday! 


Miss Delirium said...

I´ve heard so much about this YSL glossy stains, will be purchasing it next month on the taxfree when im going to Thailand :) cant wait to try it out! :D

The shade looks very nice on you :)

Jacqueline said...

You bought Corail Fauve, yay! It looks gorgeous on you girl.. I love how you paired with a neutral eye. So are you getting any hoarding urges?

ChrisEl said...

I absolutely love YSL glossy stains. At my job, I don't have the luxury of touching up my makeup and even at the end of a 12hr shift I still have a beautiful stain of color. I bought #15.


CAMILLA said...

love the color...
perfect shade for work too..

Maria said...

i like this color!
unfortunately i haven't had the opportunity to check these new stains, but i see that it's a great product! every blogger says so!

markedbeautyblog said...

Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous! It looks great on you as well!

Sharleena xx

memoiselle said...

I am almost getting this one but I found it too red on me. I picked 17 and feel happy with it.

Makeup Magpie said...

This lip shade looks great on you and I love the Porcelain shadow as well :)

Tracy said...

Hi Jacqueline, I have plenty of urges from all the new Summer collections that will be releasing in the next month or so. Although, I think I will stop at this YSL Glossy Stain for now until I get all that I want from summer!

a p r i l said...

Love this look! So fresh-looking with nice red-tinted lips that are not too overwhelming :)

I've noticed Lancome's Hypnose mascara is one of your favorites along with YSL faux cils, and I wonder if you've ever experienced them smudging? Have you tried the Doll Lashes mascara by Lancome?

Tracy said...

Hi April, funny you say that! I noticed myself that I've been using it daily and in all my FOTDs lately. It's a really nice mascara, gives me volume and length. I haven't experienced smudging, but I don't have very oily lids to begin with. I haven't tried the Lancome Doll Lashes, and unfortunately I have too many new mascaras to go through first.

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