April 1, 2012

Snack time with Jill Stuart Sweet Biscuit

Easter is just around the corner, in time with the break of spring, and busy chocolatiers selling yummy easter eggs. After the gym I will be indulging in some marzipan eggs, supplied by local chocolatier around my corner called Peter Beier.

Which brings me to the subject of sweet indulgences; like sweets, chocolates, and biscuits. I have a weakness for anything sweet and pretty - makeup has a close resemblence. When I first heard about Jill Stuart many years back, it was my dream to see the store in person. And when I did I swear I went into makeup heaven and never returned back to Earth. Nothing in my collection is as pretty as Jill Stuart.

I have a collection of her blushers and eyeshadow palettes. If I was located near a store, I'm sure I would have already bought the entire store. Today's look features Jill Stuart's Blusher in Sweet Biscuit 10. The product is beautifucally encased in the most intricately designed princess case, and attached with a brush that is well designed and made of high quality bristles. The brush can be detached, which I do in order to store them properly in my overloaded blush drawer. The brush can also be removed and washed.

The powder is buttery to touch. It's slighter harder than Guerlain blushers (the softest blush I own to date). It compares much better than MAC blushers, which I sometimes have to swirl several times to get a smidgen amount of product on the brush.

This blusher compact consists of 4 colours, each shade providing a lovely contrast, so you can wear each one individually. It is possible to isolate each colour if you use the brush included or any small headed brush. When swirled together, you get this fantastic blend of coral peach that really glows!

The top lighter shades have a slight shimmer to them, whilst the bottom two are semi-matte. Together it gives the right balance of illuminosity.

The application tends to be heavier when you use the provided brush. As much as I like the doll cheek look, I usually reserve those days when I have a simple eye (mascara and eyeliner only). I think it looks too overloaded if you have all things going at once; strong eyes, strong cheeks, strong lips. However, younger Japanese girls often go for that look and they do look kawaii. Each to their own I suppose.

Although the colours on pan look quite pigmented, on the skin it applies sheer and you can build it up slowly to give the desired colour. As much as I love Nars and Illamasqua blushers, I have to be ultra careful with the amount I apply. I hate it when I have to wash my face off to start all over again because of the single excessive amount of colour I have on my clown cheeks.

On my eyes I used Paul & Joe's Face & Eye Colour CS 069, which consists of nice light pink and lilacs.

Here's the makeup I used to create today's very simple look!

Thanks for reading! I hope you're having a chillback Sunday. Mine is great! Wanna know why? Because I am on Easter vacation!!! :-)


blushbunny said...

WOW the blush looks really niceeee 8D8D8D *hype*


Tracy said...

Isn't it?! I like that there's 5 different ways to use these colours.

Natalie Constance said...

Hi!! I'm new to your blog and I am SO GLAD I stumbled upon it. I love Jill Stuart make up and I'm so glad you're very versatile with your make up blogging. The previous blogger I followed really only did Jill Stuart and Dolly Wink. Well there was more, but it was mainly brands I can't get unless I'm in Asia! Your Jill Stuart products are gorgeous and so are your pictures :). I'm loving all the swatches you do with other make up too!

Natalie Constance said...

Hi there!! I'm new to your blog and I'm so glad I stumbled onto here. Your Jill Stuart collection is gorgeous and so are your pictures. I am loving the fact that you do reviews/swatches/hauls on so many other different make up collections. The previous blogger I followed really only focused on Jill Stuart, Dolly Wink, and Canmake which are brands I really can't get for the right price unless I'm in Asia! I'm super excited to follow your blog!!!!

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