April 14, 2012

Kiko Eyeshadows - swatches and my thoughts

On my last trip to Berlin, I picked up 4 eyeshadows from Kiko Cosmetics, a brand from Milano. Kiko Cosmetics is located in selected cities in Europe, and is starting to expand into new territories. All the prices in the store are very reasonably priced (blushes are 6 euros, eyeshadows are 4 euros and mineralised eyeshadows are 6 euros), and even cheaper than those found in the drugstore. It has a large variety of shades and products  - from nailpolishes, eyeshadows, face products, lippies, blushes, eyeliners you name it. And they're not conservative either - if you need to find that right tone of green blue eyeshadow, they probably have it. The store is always packed, and there's always someone restocking the displays. There is simply no such thing as 'sold out' here in Kiko Cosmetics.

Now, I must say that I was rather conservative in my selection of eyeshadows. Perhaps I should have been more adventurous, but I wasn't really feeling like it that day. I did settle with 4 neutral tone shades to be paired up for this look I have on today.

'Highly Pigmented Eyeshadows' is the name, with shades named in numbers (which makes it even more confusing!) - so here it is:

118 - is a neutral tone champagne, almost like my skin colour, and has a slight shimmer. I was quite disappointed in the texture of this eyeshadow - I hardly had any oil on my fingers, and I already notice that hardening on the surface. I had to rub vigorously to get a decent swatch on my fingers. I dislike it, and I'm already considering of tossing it.

122 - is a matte greyish beige, which I thought to use to blend out harsh lines. It has better pigmentation than 118, fortunately enough.

135 - is a plum with microglitter. This one was pigmented and rather beautiful when swatched, and probably my favorite of the four.

134 - is a dark brown with microglitter. This one was also pigmented, and applies beautifully on the extension of the lashline. HOWEVER, this was a real b£$(* to blend. Really.

I hate to say this, especially knowing that there are so many good quality drugstore dupes out there, but sometimes I really do believe that you get what you pay for. Burberry eyeshadows are exquisite - even shades that are barely noticeable on the lids, blend well with other shades. Of course there are exceptions to this rule - many expensive brands release terribly mediocre quality. What do I think of Kiko eyeshadows? They're great in terms of variety, but the quality of them is largely a hit or miss. For 4 euros a pop, it's not bad to experiment.

Here is a look featuring all the four eyeshadows swatched today.

What are you up to this Saturday? I am off to an Orthodox Easter Mass at midnight! But first heading to the bar for some drinks. How unorthodox! :-D

Have a lovely evening!


Sarah S. said...

You look really pretty :) That sucks the shadows are difficult to work with and get that annoying crust on top so quickly (hate that!). You made a lovely look with them anyway, and I really like that Chanel gloss.

Jacqueline said...

I agree with you when you say you get what you pay for with some exceptions like the Loreal Infallibles. After experiencing how soft, creamy and pigmented luxury eye shadows like Burberry can be, it is hard to go back. Everything kinda falls short. have decided to skip the drugstore brands unless it is really good. E.g. I regret my Revlon Lip Butter buys.

Janet said...

I think the quality and pigmentation is really similar to elf which is much much cheaper compared to Kiko's. You look great with those eyeshadow on! really natural and pretty ^_^~

Maria said...

i have never tries Kiko's shadows, so here i can say nothing.
but what i like from their range are powders,mascaras and nail polishes. You need to check them!

Tracy said...

Hi Sarah, I don't usually encounter the crust (as you rightly put it), so it was very disappointing. The gloss I have on is Chanel Mica - an old favourite of mine!

Tracy said...

Hi Jacqueline, Burberry eyeshadows are indeed the best I've ever felt. Worth every penny!

Tracy said...

Hi Janet, that's very true! Elf would be it's close cousin.

Tracy said...

Hi Maria, I have yet to try the other Kiko products and unfortunately have no access to them in Copenhagen. I'll have a closer look at the nailpolishes and powders when I'm back to their stores.

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