April 21, 2012

Dior Summer 2012: Diorskin Nude Tan Sunlight 002

Initially I was not too impressed with Dior's Summer 2012 sneakpeak pictures that were circulating around the web. Probably it was due to the indoor lighting, which made everything look rather dull. But in person, there's alot to swoon for. I didn't think that Dior could have surpassed it's stellar rating on their bronzers last year - Dior Aurora caught the blogosphere by storm. You couldn't simply wait and think about it.

I passed up on the eyeglosses - I think P&J are far superior. The nailpolishes are pretty, but I have too many similar shades in my stash. The eyeshadow quints are too much outside of my comfort zone. The only other things that I may consider picking up are the lipsticks. The stellar item from the collection are the Healthy Glow Enhancing Powders. Dior also has 4 or 6 standard bronzers, which I paid no attention to. 

This year Dior will released 4 shades of the Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder, and I picked up number 2 called SUNLIGHT. It seems that in some countries, there are only 2 shades available. But here in Denmark, some people are avid sun tan lovers. So a number 3 and 4 shade is probably warranted! 

The collection is officially released on 1st May. You can expect to see the collection displays up in the next week or so. 

The box (and price) was surprisingly large. Inside, it encompasses a mini kabuki brush. Although, it's nice to add extras, I wish they didn't. I was told that the price I paid, factors in a kabuki brush inclusion. I paid DKK 400, which translates to SGD$90-100. Ok, whatever. I was willing to pay for it irregardless. But I just thought it was a little unnecessary. The bristles are already falling out like no tomorrow. 

The bronzer is encased in a lovely velvet pouch, similar to an envelope. I find these velvet pouches quite chic and gives me that extra boost of happiness when you open the product for the first time.

The casing itself is sturdy and heavy. The lid doesn't snap shut, rather it has a magnetic closure. Compared to Dior Aurora from last year's Summer Collection, this compact is comparably thinner and sleeker - probably easier to carry. I do fancy square packaging though... does that make me a square? The only observable thing I saw about the case is its obvious fingermarks after my initial use.

The fancy description to Dior's Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder is described to have a unique formula which is designed for the skin's original tone and suitable in all types of light. The innovation is based on photo adaptable mineral prisms that offer a revolutionary combination of translucent pigments that adjust to the skin's colour and light sensitive mother-of-pearl.

What a mouthful. But sure sounds cool. I have to agree that Dior bronzers are legendry and perhaps it is true that over the years, there had been some reformulation attempts.

Here you have 2 different bronzer hues, with raised NUDE letters that makes it so lovely to gaze at. Dior Sunlight 002 has the most obvious contrasting colours on pan. The other 3 shades under the Health Glow Enhancing Powder has less contrast from memory. I recall that 001 was obviously glittery and shimmery, which was the main reason for my pick for 002 Sunlight. If you're NC20-30 in skintone, Sunlight is probably your best pick. 

Letters U and D are slightly darker, whilst N and E are lighter and slightly pinky in undertone. Together, you get a copperish brown. I know, it's always a risk with bronzers. You don't want anything too orange, but this was not overly so. It's not as natural brown as Nars Laguna though. There was no obvious shimmer. 

Compared to my other bronzers in my stash, you can say that it's a lovely addition. I am a bronzer addict - in fact, I wear bronzer in preference to blush. It appears more natural, and work-friendly. I see it as a necessary addition to any base makeup routine, as it gives a bit more 'colour' to an otherwise flat foundation-made-up face. And even if you don't fancy the 'tanned look', it still imparts a lovely glow from within. 

I will show you two swatch comparison pictures - one under 2 different lightings. It was rather sunny outside, so the camera had difficulty adjusting. What you see below is slightly whiter white-balance. Comparatively, Dior Sunlight from this year's Summer collection and Dior Aurora from last year's collection has a similar colour base. The only difference is that Sunlight is a tad darker, and more 'burnt'.

Chanel Bronze Rose (a favorite of mine) is pinkier. The most glittery of all would be Guerlain 01 Blondes Halees (to the far right). It's the hardest to work with amongst the 5 here, but the reddish undertone makes me even more bronzey. I love all of them equally.

And below are the same swatches under indoor ambient natural light.

On my face, I have applied a slightly heavier application of Dior Sunlight to the left hand side. Although it may look very subtle, but if you care to observe closely, there is a slight more colour to the cheek. I applied the bronzer with my beloved Bobbi Brown Bronzing Brush.

Now applied to my whole face. What's my impressions? I LOVE IT! It's gorgeous.

Background makeup for the day:

In summary, I think it's a worthwhile item to have this summer. Dior is the first brand to release its Summer collection. And I'm glad to have seen in person. I am eagerly waiting for Guerlain Terra Azzura and Chanel Summer 2012. Its rather hard to pick a bronzer of the 3 collections, unless they are released together within the same week. If you already have Dior Aurora and you're still on the fence, I suggest that you wait and see what the other brands have to offer. Otherwise, go for it! It's lovely lovely lovely!

I hope you're having a lovely Saturday!


~ Claire ~ said...

It looks great on you! since I already have Dior sunset, I think I will pass, eventhough it's a very subtle nice bronzer. I don't know why but I had a bronzer phase and now have too much of them ;) I have to stop! maybe I am just desperate because it's raining all the time and I need sun?!

Sarah S. said...

Hello, FOTD! You look beautiful <3 I really want this bronzer badly now!

Tracy said...

Hi Claire, you can never have too many bronzers... or can't you? :-D It's going to be tough getting me out of my bronzer mood this year.

Tracy said...

Hi Sarah, thank you! It's definitely a great addition to the stash... but wait for the Chanel and Guerlain collections because I think they're going to be stunning! I want them all!!!!

markedbeautyblog said...

Oh wow, this looks great on you - very pretty! I don't think it would work for my skin tone though :(

Sharleena xx

Jacqueline said...

I like the soft warm glow it imparts on your skin. The packaging is gorgeous!

Claire@Eyelining said...

So glad I spotted this review, I've been lusting after the bronzers from this collection for a while but couldn't find any info on whether or not they were shimmery (a total bronzer no no for me). It looks fab on you! And now I know what shade I will be buying :-D x

Tracy said...

Hi Claire@Eyelining, I'm glad to have helped you in my purchase decision!

Simple Life yet Memorable said...

I would love to own this. I am still thinking between Dior and Chanel but I am leaning more towards Dior. The Kabuki Brush looks great :)

memoiselle said...

The kabuki brush looks lovely. This is something that I might get from Dior Summer 2012.

Tracy said...

Hi Meryl, Chanel bronzers look extremely beautiful and I can't wait to compare both together!

Lilladylife said...

oh so lovely!!! been tempted but have been resisting,but seriously who resists dior???
Great collection and swatches!

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