April 25, 2012

Blog sale will be up on 6th May, 5pm CET

(I apologise for the double entry, somehow my previous post disappeared and now I am rewriting this again... here goes).

I will be holding a blog sale, timely for Spring. My beauty products are now spreading to my boyfriend's 'shelves' and it's a little out of control at the moment. lol! I have makeup in every part of apartment, including the kitchen! 

So, this is your chance to try products you haven't tried before, ranging from Asian beauty brands to limited edition items that you may have missed out the last time.

There are now 100 products listed on the blog sale link here, but the sale only goes live from the 6th May (next Sunday), with pictures. There will be new products added during the week (I'm only getting started!). Mark your calendars and please spread the word! :-)

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