February 7, 2012

A YSL Haul

I picked up a few pieces from YSL sometime back and I thought it's high time to make a haul post about it. I placed this order sometime in November last year on the YSL.com website when they had their F&F sale, then I got it shipped by a  borderlinx to Singapore, then picked it up during my vacation end December, and only now posting it! All this in 2-3 months. Probably not worth all that effort, I reckon. But anyway, I am one happy bubby seeing them out of their boxes!

I picked up a total of 4 items - 2 glosses, 1 lipstick and 1 eyeshadow. Looking back, I wished I had picked up a mascara, an eyeliner, a foundation, a powder... and the list goes on. Instead, I settled with the  things that I really wanted. Got to have a little bit of makeup sense in me once in a while, right? 

I'm so glad YSL improved the packaging of their products. What irked me the most was their tarnished packaging after a few uses. My older YSL products is covered with small scratches and impossibly-hard-to-remove fingerprints. No mistake, the packaging is uber glamarous but doesn't hold up against the 'elements'.

The older YSL Rouge Pur lipsticks had this very issue. In contrast, the 'newer' YSL Rouge Pur Coutures are alot more resistant to the fingerprints. I have the most beautiful shade in Rose Dahlia. Rouge Pur Coutures also fare better in the moisture factor, and does not have as much slip as the older YSL's Rouge Voluptes or YSL Rouge Purs. So I picked up another one in the shade #6 Rose Bergamasque (what a name!) for an everyday rose nude. 

I also picked my first two golden glosses. I have had the YSL Rouge Pur 04, which I still have and love. The colour is a fantastically bright watermelon pink. Unlike the Pur Glosses, the golden glosses are infused with microspecks of 24 caret gold - to be absolutely precise; 0.2%of gold flecks which translates to  0.00012g or 0.12mg per tube (the geek in me says). With gold prices shooting off the roof compounded by the Eurocrisis and worldwide recession, it still amazes me that gold is still used in some beauty products. Seriously! Is it necessary?!

 YSL Golden Gloss Golden Lavender #18 is a straightforward lavender, and YSL Golden Gloss Golden Obsession #42 is a deep cool toned pink. What gets me swooning about YSL glosses in general is their melon scent.

And finally a YSL Pure Chromatics in #5 which contains a quad of bubblegum pink, gunmetal pewter taupe, silver grey, and light pink shades. They can be used either wet or dry, and is right up my alley in shimmery goodness! I definitely look forward to trying these this weekend, and featuring it in one of my FOTDs.

What have your experiences been with YSL makeup?


emmabovary said...

That lavender gloss is so pretty! I have been going crazy at YSL lately, adore them so much

Tracy said...

@emmabovary: I agree! The lipstick was on my shopping list for the longest time!

Jacqueline said...

I am in love with their lipsticks and blush. You should try the new Golden Lustres very very pretty. I bet Rose Parisein would look great on you. Their cream blushes are great too. Creamy and blendable, they stay on till you take them off. I have not tried their eye palettes before, please do a swatch. Pretty please! I would love to see how good they are.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love YSL lipsticks. I have one that came out a long time ago and it's a dark berry color. It doubles as a lip stain because it's so pigmented and amazing. Their lipsticks have to be the best part of their makeup line. :)

Tracy said...

@Jacqueline: Rose Parisien looks gorgeous on you! I wish I saw your post before I made my order. Will try to do a FOTD this weekend when I have some daylight! Thanks for commenting :-)

@Rainy Days and Lattes: I have seen the new lipstains and they're amazingly pigmented and creamy. I agree with you - lips and lips are definitely their trademark.

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