February 1, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Seas of Illumination Highlighting Liquid

The Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid in Seas of Illumination 008 is my latest acquisition from one of my business travels to Russia. This is my one and only item from Rouge Bunny Rouge - a luxurious item purchase. I couldn't afford to buy more because of the limited Russian Rubles I had at the time. I heard of this product from Cafemakeup initially, and it was one of the items that was on my shopping list for a long time yet.

There's something so Alice in Wonderland about the packaging and wording of Rouge Bunny Rouge products. It still surprises me that RBR originates from Russia - afterall, this is the country where there has been the least international progression in terms of local industry. The main streets of Moscow, Tverskaya Prospekt, runs through major international brands, from Benetton to Lush Cosmetics, but with very limited local brands. I just wish that RBR was more readily available internationally, instead of just being limited to Zuneta online or instores in selected metropols of Russia.

Packaging-wise, the RBR Highlighting Liquid is encased in a glass bottle, contents of 30mL, and product dispensed through a hygienic pump. When I purchased this bottle, I noticed the marbelized appearance of the product through the transparent glass bottle. Initially, I thought it was a result of the product staying on the shelves for way too long, but realised that it probably is purposely packaged in that way.

There are 3 different shades of RBR Highlighting Liquid - the lightest being the Seas of Illumination. It can be used by mixing this into your foundation, primer or applied alone to anywhere you wish to accentuate - cheeks, sides of the nose, brows etc. The liquid is quite creamy and glides nicely to the skin, allowing you to diffuse it with any liquid foundation products you may want to mix it with.  

There is a noticeably high density of the opalescent highlight pigment, and under certain angles, the soft pink pearls shows through. Overall, it's beautiful.

I wanted to show you how RBR Seas of Illumination compares to the well known Benefit High Beam. It looks very similar - with the exception that Benefit High Beam is only slightly more whitish than pink. Pictures will reveal more.

Here I have applied RBR Highlighting Liquid to the cheeks - I used a little more than I should, only to photograph more clearly. It's a little tricky to apply with the fingers, so I would suggest a short foundation brush to gently tap a small amount of fluid to the cheekbones.

What I do find is that if you do apply too much, it starts to look rather cakey. But when applied sparingly, I can imagine it can really do wonders in making you look instantly awake and illuminated.  

If you're struggling to fork 45 GBP on Zuneta, my suggestion is to go with Benefit High Beam. There's only a marginal difference to what you can achieve on the cheeks. In fact, Benefit High Beam tends to brighten up areas even more.

Can you even tell the difference between both sides of the cheek? Only slightly. So there you have it, High Beam at a cost of GBP 33 (2 bottles of 15 mLs) or RBR Seas of Illumination at GBP 45.

I hope that was useful for anyone who is curious about Rouge Bunny Rouge products. I'm not sure if the price is really worth it. I had planned to purchase a few of their eyeshadows, but then decided that I had just way too many eyeshadows anyway.


Janet said...

Nice comparison...I have high beam already and retty satisfied with the results already..but rouge is a nice selection too just too expensive...>_<

Fannie said...

Hi Tracey, haven't tried either of these but I like that you did a side by side comparison. Always interesting to see the some top of the line compared to the more affordable products.

Tracy said...

@Janet: I agree - I don't quite understand their price point. If they created more demand, maybe they'll reduce prices.

@Fannie: I love both, and I think they offer comparable effects. RBR tends to be a little finer, but honestly, it is such a small difference. Benefit gives out free deluxe samples occasionally, so hopefully you get to try High Beam as well once day.

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