February 10, 2012

It's Friday and my nails for the week

It is Friday! It has been one of those weeks where work-work-work has preoccupied my mind. Almost everyone is off next week for winter vacation, leaving all the deadlines to be completed at the last minute! My energy level is starting to pick up due to the brighter days as we are now moving closer towards Spring. It has been a rough few months struggling with the depressing daylight - almost only 5 hours a day of light! Trust me, blogging was almost non-existent because of light in general.

Onto more fun things; I have on Essie Merino Cool nailpolish today - and I must say this is my most grabbed for nailpolish shade for the work week. It's a purplish grey taupe and wears very well for my cool skin tone. It applies very easily in 2 coats with no streakiness. Excuse the dry cuticles - it's a result of the winter!


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