February 29, 2012

Essie Spring 2012 Nails

Essie's Spring 2012 is a stunning collection, full of brights and pastel shades. I first heard about it from the Make up and beauty blog, and the next 10 minutes was click click click and buy. It was a matter of time till these bottles of happiness arrived at my doorstep. And I immediately stole some time away from study to snap a few pictures.

I am blown away with the compatibility of these colours. I can imagine wearing a Crewed Interest, Navigate Her and To buy or not to buy, together. It's so appropriately Spring!

To buy or not to buy is a pastel lilac creme. The bottle reflects light blue microglitters, but does not show up on the nails. It tends to streak a little, and 2 coats is needed to give semi-opacity. It's very similar to OPI Rumples Wiggin' from the Shrek Forever Collection - give it a miss if you already have this. 

A Crewed Interest is a cream light pastel orange. It looks less orange in the bottle than on the fingers. Comparing to Chanel June, it is definitely a few tones lighter. Again, it seems to be streaky but 2 coats is all you need.

Navigate Her is reminiscent of young bubs of tulip leaves. It's not exactly a mint green, in fact, more muted. Compared to Dior Waterlily, Navigate Her tends to be more of a neutral without the shimmers and appears more office-appropriate. It applies well in a single coat.

Ole Caliente is a hot fireman red creme with a tinge of coral. It's strikingly beautiful and applies like a dream in a single coat. These are going to look so hawt on my toenails!

Tour de Finance is a fuschia pink with micro shimmers. It's the colour my boyfriend describes as barbie. I can't wait to apply this on the weekend. 

I am definitely delighted with Essie's Spring 2012 Collection. And it's a much needed break from all the dark vampy winter shades.

What are your nail picks for Spring?


Amina said...

A crewed interest has caught my eye! v pretty

Tracy said...

@Amina: It's a pretty strange color - looks light pastel orange sometimes and then it looks pink under certain lightings.

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