January 21, 2012

January smokey eyes with Shu Uemura and Laneige

Hi everyone! After a rather long break for Christmas and X-mas vacation, and then followed by an intense period at work, I am back! Today I decided to do a smokey eye look, assembling a few little gems I found here and there. My skintone went a few shades darker after a stroke of sun bliss in Koh Samui (Thailand). This new tan has given me more opportunities to use more pigmented blushes and eyeshadow colours. 

Shu Uemura eyeshadows (at least the old versions) are stunning. Its' quality surpasses MAC and Urban decay by a LONG mile, as it neither too hard or too soft. I have a small collection of Shu Uemura eyeshadows, and I used to love collecting unique shades. Well, until Shu Uemura decided to revamp everything with their eyeshadows. I have yet to test out the newer formulations, so I have nothing to comment.

Shu Uemura P Black 990 is a must-have black eyeshadow with specks of microglitter that sticks rather well on the eyelid and does not transfer to the cheeks. Nothing beats this shade, not even MAC Carbon.

I also picked up a few discounted Laneige eyeshadows from way back, including this gorgeous duochrome white-golden eyeshadow in Laneige Snow Beige Prism eyeshadow. It minimises the look of the harsh black eyeshadow and gives a nice 3D dimension.

It has been a long while since MAC Cheeky Bronze made its entrance back to my life. You would probably agree with me, that MAC MSFs were once a raved and coveted product range (and probably still is, but lesser so now). I look back now and think that it was overhyped. It does give a beautiful sheen to the cheeks, especially MAC Cheeky Bronze, as it blends in very well into the skin. 

Here are some finished looks for the day. Close up of the eye.

Finished off with MAC Viva Glam II - a flat nude shade, and a great companion for the smokey eye.

All the products used for today's FOTD.

I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday. It's snowing here in Copenhagen!


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You look well rested and so pretty! I love the eyeshadows. I agree with you about the Shu eye shadows! They are great quality. I'm not sure the new formulations either but the older ones are some of my favorite :)

Jacqueline said...

I have not tried many Shu eye shadows but the ones from the palettes have great texture and pigmentation. This is a lovely look on you.

roxanne said...

You look really pretty! I like Shu Uemura's eyeshadows too. I can never finish using mine up!


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