December 11, 2011

Stila Stunning in Sayulita

Stila miniture booklets are great travel companions, mixed and matched with versatile colours, and all for a great value of 10 pounds each (or US $14). Each palette consists of 4 eyeshadows, weighing 4.2g, equivalent to a MAC eyeshadow and 2 cheek colours with 3.1g each. A great bang for your buck, parred with the quality of most high-end brands - i.e Tarte, MAC, to say the least. When comparing these eyeshadows to Stila's regular single eyeshadows, it misses a notch in the buttery texture. However, this tiny detail shouldn't deter you from picking one of these little booklets.

I ordered the first few booklets from the the Stila beach palettes from Look Fantastic, when they were having their 20% sale. Stunning in Sayulita is reminescent of beachy days, and will look gorgeous on tanned skin.

If you haven't seen these palettes in person, the cardboard packaging has a magnetic enclosure, and feels somewhat sturdy in my hands. I'm not entirely sold with cardboard in general. Most of my cosmetics are either in plastic or metal, and having something in cardboard feels tacky. But, lets be fair here... Stila is afterall marketed towards teenagers and college kids, with an affordable price point.

There's a nice combination of warm-toned colours. Palm trees is a gorgeous mossy green, paired with Sandbar to create a crease-cut look.

The blush in Playa is very heavily pigmented and I made the mistake of applying too much! I was about to rub it off, then decided that it was a nice colour anyway. By the way, NC 30+ skin will look amazing with this colour! 

The lighter cheek colour, Banderas boy, reminds me of the Shu Uemura Glow on blushes that I own (Shu Uemura blushes are so amazing and imitates a beautiful inlit glow). Although Banderas Boy is claimed to be a bronzer, I wouldn't mind using this as a everyday blusher - only if it does not oxidise on me!

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday/Monday!


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Pretty palette! i love how you did your eyes :D Looks fantastic!

Jessy said...

the palette is very pretty, i have never tried Stila Products b4, when im at sephora their brand never stand out that much to me, but they've got rocking reviews from almost everyone. i think you did a great job though~~~i luv the looks very natural


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