December 22, 2011

Seasons Greetings!

Hola!! I am now officially on a real vacation, starting about an hour ago. It has been a whole year since I went on a 'real' holiday - which basically means not responding to work emails or calls for at least one week. I'm heading over to Bangkok to attend a good friend's wedding, and off to Samui to get baked under the sun. Contrary to what I've been preaching on 'sun damage' and 'sun protection', I'm going to toss all that goody-two-shoe-talk out the window. 

Me and my sweetie went out for a little evening stroll at Tivoli (at long last!) to admire the Russian decorations. Albeit a small amusement park, it is packed with happy kids and lots of lights. My poor toes were frozen from the slightly above temperatures, but baby, this is winter in Europe! 

It's been an amazing 2011 year for me - not only from relocating from Asia to Europe, but I also have the opportunity to see exotic places in the world. I pretty much live, breathe BRIC markets, a disciple of the Goldman Sachs 2003 white paper. I don't look particularly forward to 2012, especially when all my contract in Europe will draw to a close. All I can say is that I'm likely adjust my future, change my priorities and keep dreaming and living in Europe. 

New Years Resolutions are often shortlived. This time it's not about thinking what aspect of my life we want to change 2 hours before the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve. But rather, doing what I have always wanted to do and not think twice or thrice! 

Happy holidays!

1 comment:

Makeup Magpie said...

What beautiful photos! I too am happy to be officially on vacation for a week, starting tonight! Happy holidays :)

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