November 22, 2011

Pink teasers: Chanel rouge coco cambon and pink teaser

Once in a while, I miss wearing red lips, but hate getting too much attention on passerbys. Only because the Danes don't wear much makeup. So rather than go with the matte blood red lipstick, I opt for a glossy red that is lighter and may even classify as a red-pink, almost like raspberry or watermelon. Although, its not a true red, the sheerer bright lip versions still do wonders to lift your mood in this gloomy and grey Copenhagen weather. 

I paired Chanel Rouge Coco in Cambon with Chanel Glossimer in Pink Teaser. Honestly I do not recall what collection this was released, but know that it was sometime last year. *hangs head in shame for the backlog in posts!*

As we all know, applying red lipstick requires a lipbrush. Precision... precision!

I know there's plenty of posts about the older Rouge Cocos, which feels like it was only yesterday. Cambon was a shade that I picked up later after all its overhype. On that subject, Rouge Cocos are drying. I don't know why I ended up with more than a few. Nevertheless, it's a pretty coral-red with lots of pink undertones. Not quite a warm red, but rather a blue-red. How can you tell? Well, if the red makes your teeth look more yellow - it's a warm-tone red. Blue-toned red lipsticks, on the other hand, make your teeth look whiter. 'Yes, go away coffee stains!'

Layered with Chanel Glossimer in Pink Teaser is totally fated. With the same red-pinky shade but with gold shimmer. A match made in heaven!

Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I miss your posts!

Cambon is fantastic! I love the bright red color. It will get you noticed for sure!

Jess said...

Oh, I love Pink Teaser! It's such a really pretty translucent cute strawberry red.

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