November 23, 2011

Lush goodies stuffers

Everytime I go walk into Lush Cosmetics in London around this time of year, I feel this lovely mushy feeling of festivity. The first thing I asked the lady was 'what's limited edition?' So she takes me for a little adventure, coupled with Lushy enthusiasm (are they all trained to be super-hyper-and-bubbly, or what?!). It certain works, because I felt I had taken the express train back to my youth, and feeling very much like I was in my favourite candy store in the US. Some things never change, do they?

Everyone has heard of Snow Fairy, and raves about it. I had very high expectations, thinking that the scent must be mindblowing. I was disappointed. I thought it smelt like over-sugared cupcakes that did a massive overdose of pink coating. I thought... meh, not me. Until, the sales assistant lathered my dirty hands and wiped it clean and dry. Ok, I had to change my mind. The scent is overpowering from the bottle but on the skin, it does smell yummy. Sold.

On closer observation, I see little purple shimmers immersed throughout my snowy goodness that I'm convinced that 'sugared coating cupcakes' to be the best analogy!

There were a bunch of limited edition bath bombs, as you could probably expect. If I had a bathtub, I can imagine going broke in Lush. :-)

I moderately went away with 3 other limited edition soaps and a body cream - Sympathy for the Skin. This is my preparation for the most shocking winter I will ever experience in my life. Let me share with you a secret... body butters, moisturisers, lotions etc is going to do nothing for your skin when you're always confined in heated rooms and dry -10 degrees weather. How do you prevent the dry skin? Simple. Bikram yoga. Truly. Do it 3-4 times a week, and your skin will feel like you're still in summer-timer; supple and hydrated.  

Lady Catrina is a Halloween special - this is a must-have Lush soap. Must-have. Smells beyond this world.

Snow Globe has a slight minty scent. Also gorgeous. Must have, and backup worthy.

Angels Delight is nice too. Nothing spectacular like the other two above. Nice additions to my Lush stash.

I think I'm going to place another order online before they discontinue these soaps. :-)

Have a lovely Thursday!


Diane said...

Hi Tracy, Lush is coming back to Singapore, due to open at Wisma Atria by the end of this month :) So when you're back in town, you could stock up on Lush here too.. hopefully the prices wouldn't be that marked up though!

Fannie said...

Hi Tracey, if you can get a sample of Snowcake soap. It's my favorite holiday soap from LUSH. Marzipan yumminess.

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