November 7, 2011

Brand spotlight: Chanel

There's something really nice and girly about gathering your Chanel products into one sitting, imagining that your entire collection could look like if you reduced everything to one and only brand. Chanel. The packaging looks classy and elegant. The product is always made of high quality. The colours make you look understatedly glamorous. And, it always makes it to my top favourites of the month. It's hard to pick one Chanel favourite, just because everything has its place in my makeup kingdom.

I have noticed that Chanel has dramatically improved the quality of their products release after release. Their original eyeshadows were chalky and had poor payoff. But nowadays, there's always something to swoon for. Cafemakeup and Beauty Look Book are the biggest inducers in terms of Chanel.

If you also recall, I got into a Chanel nailpolish kick. It's an indulgence, if you were to ask me a few years ago, where I would never consider buying expensive nailpolish. I have now accumulated 3, and will continue to grow my collection with new releases.

Chanel base products are lovely too... with some misses. But all in all, the lightly rose scented products brings you to a whole new level of 'luxury'. I love the big, bold and beautiful packaging of the Bronze Universal and Loose Powder. So what if it takes more room on my vanity. It just makes the whole experience so much more decadent!

So what is it in Chanel do you love? Share with me your most coveted Chanel item!


Penelope said...

Great post! What a gorgeous Chanel collection. I too am a big fan, how could anyone not be? Love the look of your collection, especially the pretty glosses! It's impossible for me to choose my chanel favourite I think!

Lilladylife said...

oh fabulous collection!!!! i love Chanel eue shadow quads, bronzer, loose and pressed powder, and rouge coco shines!!!! guess too much!! wish i liked it less haha

Jacqueline said...

This post has got my heart pumping! I love Chanel! You have some great Chanel products!

I have many beloved items from Chanel. My favourites are my Brompton Road, Espiegel JC and my L'Fascinate RA velvet!

Jess said...

To me, Chanel simply portrays timeless, feminine, chic and of course luxurious style.

Chanel Vitalumière Aqua is my favorite foundation at the moment. Besides this, I probably love Chanel perfumes, Lèvres Scintillantes lipglosses and nail polishes the most!

Miaka said...

Hey hey, long awaited post!!! What is the 3rd gloss from the top in the first pic? Looks lovely!

roxanne said...

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume is my favourite! I find that their eyeshadows don't really have great colour payoff unless you use a primer underneath.


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