October 22, 2011

An unexpected pop of color by Urban Decay Kush

Hello everyone! I'm back again. Back with a major blogging-mojo kick! I am in one of those moods where I need to resort to girly & prety things to relieve my stress. The past week my stress levels have been shooting off the roof, and further aggravated by two major deadlines next week.

Today I'm using Urban Decay's Volume III NYC palette, an oldie of mine. Honestly, I bought this palette to force myself to use more daring colours. Instead, it has been quietly stashed for some time and well, I figured this is THE palette for today.

When I was using this palette, I thought of sweet Kas from Shine, Shimmer & Sparkle. I went on her blog this morning, reading through her funny entries on random makeup ramblings. I suddenly felt inspired to use the most shocking colour in this palette, one that I would never ever reach for. Kush, is probably one of the most weirdest colour in this palette - being the odd colour out, it's not something that I would typically use everyday (if at all!). Described as a dark yellowish lime green, I thought it would be impossible to pull off.  

Hmm... quite the contrary. 

I used Rockstar, Money and Loaded to give the eyes a little bit more depth.

I made a mess a few times and had to start all over again, because it has been so long since I've even worn elaborate makeup. And, I am pleasantly surprised that it turned out pretty good after my 3rd attempt. What do you think?

I need to get myself some new lashes... My current ones; Ardell 109s, are so old that there's no longer any shape to them. I popped them on nevertheless and suddenly loved how much bigger my eyes look with fakies.  

MAC's Razzle & Dazzler lipstick is creamy salmony tangerine colour, which I used my fingers to dab some colour on my lips. I love this shade, but it's not an easy colour to wear if you apply it directly from the tube. It comes out way too strong. But dabbing it is a different story!

Simple pieces to complete the look.

I love this look. While in theory, I loathe anything that is yellowish greens and bright blues, it's all about using a dash of bright all across the eyelid and then toning it down with safer shades; darker shades to smoke it out, or lighter shades to blend the harsh lines. I also reached for a very muted light rose blush, by Givency Prismissime Maharani Pinks, and dabbing a smidgen of tangerine orange by MAC Razzle-Dazzler to give my look a more fun-flirty feel.

It's worthwhile to mention that I applied my eyeshadow first. There was so much fallout and colour on my cheeks at the end of my experiment. I'm afraid Urban Decay eyeshadows tend to be quite messy. Hello, glitter cheeks!

So what's your plan this weekend? Mine will involve a nice lovely nap in the afternoon.



I have the same thing and I love it! :D

Jacqueline said...

Hey Tracy, I love the pop of bright colour. I love Ardell's 109 too! My favs are also the 110. I have a box of them tucked in my closet for when I want a little more oomp on my eyes.

Mai said...

pretty make up(:, i like the colour kush

CMPang x

Kas said...

Thank you for the loooovely mention! I love Kush, Money and Loaded from this palette too - Money and Loaded is the e/s combi that I have on in my Twitter avatar :) Love the last shot of you! :D

Annie said...

Hey Tracy!!
I've been looking at your blog frequently for some time now and I noticed how Your skin looks really nice especially in more recent posts. May I just ask what made such a difference in Your skin? I have quite bad skin history and right now it's a lot better but it's still very oily and my skin texture is bad (big pores, blackheads etc). Hope You could share :)

Tracy said...

Hi Annie! Thanks! I haven't been doing anything drastically different, except that I am eating healthier, and doing bikram yoga 1-3 times a week to help my skin detox. I hope that helps?

Annie said...

I seem to be doing everything to help my skin and it won't go away :(. I'm totally subscribing now. I love your makeup style and I'd love to know about your skincare as well :). Take care

Tracy said...

I will definitely post my skincare routine. Thanks for your support!

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