September 18, 2011

Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes: Haul, Swatches, Impressions, LOTD

I never used to pay that much attention to AdamBeauty, Bobodave and Imomoko until I moved to a country where asian cosmetics are completely non-existant. I no longer have the freedom to 'drop by' in the evenings to check out new release collections from Lunasol, Kose, Paul & Joe and the likes. I say it's a good thing; I reserve my cash for holidays and more important things (I think).

I broke my rule and saw that Adambeauty had stocked the new Lunasol Three-Dimensional Eyes, and next thing I knew, I had to do a sneaky lunch time purchase in the office to make sure I didn't miss out. 

Each retails for USD 60 on Adambeauty, which comes to about S$72. It's slightly cheaper (by a few dollars) than in stores in Takashimaya Orchard. Instead of waiting a whole week to receive your buys, I rather buy it in stores and start using the product immediately. I waited for about 5-6 days via registered mail. Delighted, I started to snap some pictures and show you my new additions to my expanded Lunasol collection. 

I selected 3 eyeshadow palettes based on online swatches on Yuki Lazy's Channel. Click here to see more of her true and accurate swatches. 

From left to right: 
- Deep Beige 05
- Mysterious Beige 03
- Soft Beige 02

Deep Beige 05
Firstly, Deep Beige 05 offers a combination of cool-toned grey, dark eyeshadows for a smokey eye. It consists of multi-toned green olive undertones, which makes the palette very interesting to use. 

The first 3 shades are those from the top left hand cornered triple-toned segment, middle two are the single segments and finally the last 3 darker shades are from the bottom right cornered triple-toned segment. 

In total, you get 8 somewhat unique shimmery shades from each palette. 

Mysterious Beige 03
Second, Mysterious Beige 03 consists of more purple toned shades with a lavender accent on the bottom left corner. This is by far the most flattering combination of shades for Asian skin tones. 

Soft Beige 02
And finally, soft beige provides more pink and warm toned browns. 

I find that all these eyeshadows are beautifully coordinated. They provide you more than the usual 4-5 eyeshadows you get from other Lunasol palettes and are a lot softer than last year's Star Shower Eyes. I could use these all year round, because they're not as heavily pigmented. 

The first top left triple-toned white shade tends to be quite repetitive in all the eyeshadow palettes. They're probably the most disappointing shades, because they're not that different, and they lack pigmentation. 

I would only recommend you to pick a maximum of 2 eyeshadows from this collection. They're nice, but I don't feel that you're going to get that much more satisfaction by owning all five shades from this collection. My favourite of them all has got to be Soft Beige 02, which I will now show you a LOTD. 

LOTD with Soft Beige 02

I used almost all the shades in the palette, graduating from white pink and brown from the inner corner to outer corner respectively. As you can tell, there's a high shimmer effect which I absolutely love about Lunasol eyeshadows. I lined my eyes using MAC Fluidline in Blitz and Glitz and topped up with Lancome Hypnose Mascara. 

Base makeup includes Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base which smells of lovely citrus, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation, RMK EX Powder 102

For my cheeks I have on Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush in 10, a dusty light pink for a soft accent to complement the eyes.

and finally on my lips I have on Chanel Rouge Lacque in 77 Ming. Again, pairing with soft wearable pinks.

I wore this look to a dinner party last night. I intentionally made my look soft yet casual. I can't wait to try on the other two eyeshadows, and definitely will tell you what I think after all my experimentation. 

So will you be picking up anything from this collection?  


Jacqueline said...

The palettes look gorgeous. I love the mixture of matt and shimmer shades. I wish the colours were a little more different as compared with each other though.

Jess said...

Great Lunasol haul, Tracy! I'm so loving the Chanel Vitalumière Aqua foundation! Been wearing it a week now! Straight! ;)

Miu said...

Hey, great blog and reviews! Been looking for Lunasol reviews =D

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