August 3, 2011

Foundation Series: Make Up For Ever - High Definition Foundation

Make Up For Ever High Definition Foundation is no stranger to the beauty insider. It's been highly raved, discussed, and mentioned on many blogs and review sites. So rather than go into the technical details of the product, I will zoom right into my experiences and what my thoughts are on it.

I have the Make Up Forever High Definition Primer (Mauve) to complement the MUFE HD Foundation. Together, the duo is meant to give you a flawless looking complexion under high-intensity lighting or studio photography. Under the product advertisement, this foundation claims to blur any signs of imperfections to give a your skin a soft-focus effect. I have yet to prove that this combination is more synergistic as compared to using other primers. However, I have been using alot of the MUFE HD primer (halfway through my current bottle!) for its illuminating qualities and it seems to work quite well with alot of other foundations.  

I digressed slightly. MUFE's HD Foundation spreads easily, is considerably fluid, and provides medium coverage. I use about 1.5 pumps to cover my entire face, which is a little bit more than I would typically use for the daytime. Unlike the MUFE HD primer, there is no fragrance.

As you would already know by the time you read this post, there is an extensive range of shades under this foundation range. With 25 different shades, it will be quite unfortunate if you are not able to find the right color. I have the foundation in the shade 120, which is equivalent to MAC NC25. Shade 120 is particularly yellowish, without much pink undertones.

I find that using a flat top synthetic brush like the Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80 to be the most effective way to apply this foundation. The short and dense bristles moves the foundation to cover the skin more evenly, and minimises the cakey look. I noticed that the MUFE HD Foundation has alot more pigment in the formula (obviously because it gives medium coverage), and has a tendency of caking or streaking if you use just your fingers to apply.

So lets look at the before and after pictures...

And oh, before I go on, I have been using the MUFE HD Primer for all my foundation reviews, to give each foundation a fair comparison.

Now I must apologise for the slight difference in lighting! I took a gazillion pictures to match the lighting but the Danish sun is so inconsistent! Nevertheless, you can tell that the color match is 98% perfect. I do find my complexion somewhat flat and I was immediately tempted to apply some bronzer to give my otherwise flat-obviously-made-up-face some dimension. I experience much less of this need with lighter-coverage foundations, like the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua.

I love the evenness of the foundation especially on my cheeks and forehead. My skin looks great under sunlight. But again, I seem to struggle with my foundations on drier patches, especially around the upper lip and the tip of my nose. It's quite annoying, and I had to rub off the product over the course of the day, to not have foundation-mustache. It's not a hydrating formula, so I would recommend this foundation for more oilier skin types.  

This foundation photographs incredibly well!

I consider my skintype to be combination - I have an oily t-zone by midday, but I'm also confronted with dry skin around the lips and nose.  

After 8-9 hours and under extreme temperatures and humidity in the office (no air conditioning and no ventiliation), I must say that the MUFE HD Foundation did VERY well. It stayed put most of the day, and my skin did not feel like an oilslick after 8 hours, as compared to the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation. So yes, the MUFE HD Foundation is long-lasting, which makes sense if you think about the practical uses of this foundation under studio lighting.  

Overall thoughts
- Great for oily skintypes
- Need a more moisturising primer or cream for more drier skin types
- Long lasting (8-9 hours guaranteed!)
- Perfect color match
- Fantastic for photography, gives medium coverage and covers blemishes effectively without needing to use concealer

 Overall ratings
4 stars out of 5!


Janet said...

Thanks so much for this intensive review...I've read a lot of raves on MUFE HD Foundation but still in doubt whether to purchase this or not..But thanks so much for this review, I think I'll go ahead and purchase one as it looked great on you plus the shade matched you perfectly..Lastly, I'm oily skin so I think this foundation will do good to me as well..~(^_^)~

Jacqueline said...

You are reviewing two of my favourite foundations. Chanel and MUFE. I'm glad you are liking both. MUFE photographs so well don't you think? Anyway, I also have problem with streaking and caking at first, I use a damp foundation sponge.

Tracy said...

@Janet: You're welcome!

@Jacqueline: Yes, absolutely! I will try your tip with the damp foundation sponge. Thanks!

Makeup Magpie said...

You look positively glowing with this foundation. It looks great in your close-up! I have tried the MUFE HD blush but not the foundation. Will have to give it a try next time I am in Sephora. :)

Tracy said...

@Makeup Magpie: Thank you! I must say the HD blushes are a little overhyped, wouldn't you say? I prefer the base makeup for sure!

foomary said...

@Tracy: Hi, you really look awesome with this great HD foundation :D

Which shades r u using? Where can we buy this product at a cheaper rate in Singapore? Ebay US selling at abt SGD20.00, another one shop in Singapore selling at SGD25.00. Tried, not available :( Any suggestions? Thx :D

Tiffany Hoo said...

if we compare this one with guerlain lingerie de peau, which one is better?

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