August 7, 2011

Foundation Series: Lunasol Water Cream Foundation SPF18 PA++

I picked up Lunasol's Water Cream Foundation, which was mentioned in many asian beauty blogsites, and most infamously by Fuzkittie. I also went through my hardcore phase of loving everything from Lunasol. I'm a little chilled out now about asian makeup brands. Probably because the eyeshadow palettes released by them tends to look the same over and over again.

This particular foundation sparked my interest when I felt like I needed something with higher coverage, but without feeling caked up. The word 'water' appealed, since I didn't like the feeling of foundation on my skin. I want to apply it and forget that I even have makeup on.

Encased in a glass jar, this foundation scored badly in packaging. Well, most cream foundations are in form of a jar anyway, but it generally lacks the hygiene factor. It came with a spatula, which I lost along the way. So now I rely on my clean fingers or brush to scoop out however much I need.

Shu Uemura's lovely foundation brush in 18 in goatshair is the perfect foundation brush to apply more thicker foundations. The short bristles allow you to control the foundation application more evenly, especially where streakiness tends to be a problem.

In terms of texture and grip, Lunasol's water cream foundation takes a while to 'dry', and leaves your skin a matte finish. The good thing is that it doesn't feel too greasy, unlike the Chanel Teint Innocence Cream Foundation Compact. Either way, cream foundations are not conducive in humid and temperate weathers. They work better in the autumn and winter months, when you start to experience dry patches.  

As you can see, Lunasol's Water Cream Foundation covers all my blemishes and pigmentation spots very well. I was matched to OC02, which I believe is not a true yellow-based foundation. There's a slight hint of pink to brighten up the complexion slightly. Just enough. I don't recall exactly on the range of shades in Lunasol's foundation lineup, but I believe there are 6 in total - 3 belonging in the 'ocher' category, and 3 in the 'yellow' category. There are definitely no shades catered to darker skin types, considering that it's marketed for asian countries.

I noticed that I needed MORE time to blend in the foundation more evenly, as it takes a little bit longer to dry. So blend, blend, blend...

I noticed considerably less patchiness to my nose and upper lip area. And, if you have been reading my foundation series, this is a very common problem for me.

My biggest gripe I have with Lunasol's Water Cream Foundation, is that my skin (no matter what angle or lighting) just looks crap in photographs. I don't know what it is exactly, but my face looks pastal without that hint of 'life'. Flash photography is absolutely inhibited, because it gives that white death glare.

In reality, your skin does look nice with this foundation. A friend complimented me on my skin the other day. I was quite surprised because I didn't feel like this foundation gave me my most optimal look.  

Since I'm getting used to the light-airy feeling of the GA Lasting Silk UV Foundation, switching to a cream-based foundation made me feel like I was wearing an extra layer of skin. It's not too uncomfortable, but you will definitely feel it.

I also noticed slight oxidation after a few hours. Just slight. There's no oil control qualities in this foundation, which is to be expected anyway. I was oily by midday, but I certainly wasn't as oily as the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Isn't that strange? I think the weather had something to do with it. Today had a bit of a chill factor and helped the longevity of Lunasol's Water Cream Foundation on my face for eight solid hours.

Overall thoughts
- A colder-climate foundation, great for dry skintypes
- Medium to high coverage foundation
- Takes some effort and time to blend and achieve an even complexion
- Not good in photographs, but ok in real-life
- Not a favourable packaging concept

Overall ratings
3 out of 5 stars

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Fountain of Youth said...

I love Japanese brand foundations such as Cle de Peau and RMK. I have been wanting to try the Lunasol foundations for quite some time now. Even though it does not look good in pics, but this one sounds like it would work for my dry skin. Thanks for the post:)

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