August 4, 2011

Foundation Series: Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF 20

A good indicator of a great and loved foundation is the level of product left remaining in the bottle. In this particular example, I have gone through more than half of my Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation bottle, which says alot. If you go through more of my recent FOTDs, you will notice that I have been using this and only this foundation.

This foundation has given me compliments, in-person and on my blog. I daresay that this is by far my most favourite foundation so far. Like the name describes, it feels like silk on the skin, and glides beautifully with your fingers or a brush. I still find that using a foundation brush to be more effective, especially to buff in the product more evenly.  

Yes, I agree that it's a pricey little 30mL bottle from Giorgio Armani... but honestly, this has been the best money I have ever spent on a department store makeup product. My skin always looks luminous and healthy with this foundation on. I consider this my trusty friend when I need to look my best.

 GA Lasting Silk Foundation claims to be used for backstage studio lighting, similar to the MUFE HD foundation, to blur any signs of imperfections. Between the two, I don't think the cheaper MUFE HD Foundation is a cheaper dupe to the GA Lasting Silk Foundation.

Firstly, the shade of the GA Lasting Silk Foundation is simply stunning on my skin (NC 25). I have the shade in number 5, and has a slight tint of pink undertone. Just having that small tint of pink helps to add a bit of life to my otherwise dull complexion. Unfortunately, having too much a yellow-based foundation tends to make you look quite FLAT (i.e MUFE and MAC Foundations tend to do this to me). Today I swept a bit of loose powder on top of my foundation, and I could walk out the door and still look 'alive'. No blush and no bronzer required!

After eight solid hours

Secondly, I noticed that the GA Lasting Silk Foundation lasts alot longer than the MUFE HD Foundation. After eight hours, my skin is not suffocating from an oily t-zone and I can still see that my face had some coverage even after a sweltering hot day.

I still experienced a little bit of cakiness around the upper lip area and tip of my nose, and again, this seems to be constant problem. I concluded that it's not really the foundation's con, but rather, I need to use a more hydrating and moisturising skincare regime. However, it does elicit that the GA Lasting Silk Foundation is not a hydrating formula, and is targeted for ladies with oilier skintypes.

Overall thoughts
- a great foundation for oily skintypes, stays put for a good 8 hours
- beautiful semi-matte luminous finish
- feels like second-skin, just like the name suggests - 'silk'
- great in photographs

My ratings
4.8 stars out of 5!


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I've heard so much good things about this foundation. I remember swatching it and thinking how nice and silky it is. Your skin looks great :)

Janet said...

Super ♥ how it looks on your skin!!!Now I'm stuck between this and MUFE...hmmm..but I think I'll get this one instead of MUFE. because you mentioned that GA contains a tint of pink undertone which would make your skin look more 'alive' and more lasting...Again, thanks for this great review! Glad I waited a day before rushing to the Dep't store..BTW,love your blog, really helpful and informative..More power to your blog..~(^_^)~

Tracy said...

@Rainy Days and Lattes: Thanks! Yes, it really does feel like second-skin.

@Janet: I hope you like it as much as I do. Test both the MUFE and GA foundations in store to see which you prefer. And thank you for your compliment!

Afterglow Cosmetics said...

I think I quite like the natural warm shade of the foundation. it has to match well with the skin you have and also applied in the best possible way probably sponging is a good lipstick

Fountain of Youth said...

I think you can't go wrong with GA foundations. I can't wait to see more of your foundation reviews coming up:)

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