August 21, 2011

Chanel Graphite... How I love thee

I must admit that I'm quite a late comer when it comes to Chanel nail polishes. I only possess one single nail varnish from Chanel, being Black Pearl released in the Spring 2011 collection. It was a favourite of mine for many months and won my heart. Chanel finishes and the brush quality is unsurpassable, and with that, I did not hesitate to pick up more nailpolishes from their glamorous Autumn 2011 collection. 

It took Cafe Makeup's recent entry on Chanel Graphite vs. Revlon Carbonite post to convince me that the $ spent on Chanel is in fact totally justifiable. The duochrome gold-grey-green sparkle of Graphite is completely captivating, capable of bringing a new level of depth and dimension that I have yet to see from the typical range of nailpolishes from Essie or OPI. 

I wore it today after a very relaxing weekend back home in Copenhagen (I was in Singapore the last 2 weeks). Graphite achieved a nice opacity after a single coat, but I added more 'oomph' with a second and Seche Vite top coat to give it a lovely glossy finish. 

Unlike Chanel Black Pearl, the application is homogenous, without any signs of brush strokes. There's a slight christmas feeling I get when I see a colour so sparkly and intense like this. It's not your ordinary grey nailpolish. It reminiscent of the holiday season, yet not too loud for the office. 

So if you're still considering which of the three nailpolishes to get from the Chanel Autumn 2011 collection, it has got to be Graphite. Hands down. 


Jacqueline said...

What a gorgeous colour!

Vonvon said...

I know this is a limited edition shade! And l don't own any Chanel nail polish, even now! After reading this, quite tempted to get Graphite. There's another shade, Peridot, which also has duochrome, but that's permanent.

Tracy said...

@Jacqueline: I agree! Lots of dimension, worth checking out.

@Vonvon: Oh you must! I never thought I'll be in the Chanel nailpolish bandwagon. But after Chanel Black Pearl, I am now on it with vengence!

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