July 18, 2011

YSL Rouge Pur Couture is such a yummy color

I sound like a broken record. But damn, time really flies! It's already mid-July and I still haven't even made many posts lately. >__< My only excuse is that my social life is so crazy busy lately. From my family visiting me in Copenhagen the last two weeks and partying... probably a little too much for my poor liver.

Today is my day off, so I'm doing a quick and easy post of the makeup I wore over the weekend for a summer bbq. It's fairly simple, with a touch of muted tangerine flouro lips with YSL's Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in Rose Dahlia 17. Unlike other YSL lipsticks (Rouge Pur, Rouge Voluptes), I find that the new range of lipsticks are alot more moisturising. They still have the typical YSL scent that reminds me of melons and fruit. 

Since the summer days here are are long, I haven't been using too much heavy makeup (i.e. thick foundation, powder, blush etc). I do, however, love to use lipstick to modify my overall appearance. Just imagine how different you can look with fluoro tangerine lips with your basic white t-shirt and jeans. I could be wearing the same thing during the noon, but with a nude lipstick and still look glamourously understated. 

It's easy, fun and flirty. And I let you know a secret, I have been reapplying my lipstick in public. Takes a bit of practice to apply lipstick with confidence!

I hope you're having a wonderful week! 


Jessy said...

i luv the colour~~~and you are totally right~~`it is very yummy..and it looks great on you~~~


Jacqueline said...

We have the same tastes it seems. :) I just ordered Rose Dahlia. Thanks for the timely swatch, I know I did not pick a wrong colour.

Stephanie said...

Rose Dahlia is beautiful! wow!

Single girl said...

Hey ! The color looks very lovely on you !

I was wondering if it would show up on my NC40 skintone ?

Tracy said...

@Jessy: Thank you :-)

@Jacqueline: Glad that you picked the same shade! It's gorgeous in tube and on the lips!

@Stephanie: 'wow' is exactly the right word!

@Single Girl: It's probably on the medium sheer side... so if you have more pigmented lips, the color will show up more intensely (I think). Try it at the counter, you never know!

PopBlush said...

I adore YSL lipsticks! I always get lured in by packaging and the quality is great too~

Love that shade on you. Flirty and feminine~

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