July 26, 2011

Hair masks - which one is the best?

I have a crazy love affair with hair products. That's with everything else that I say (I know), but this month I am deeply obsessed with hair products and fragrances. I forward plan my evenings where I go through a deep hair cleansing routine to remove all the product build up, then slap on a good quality hair mask while reading a trashy magazine or paint my nails. Ditsy bimbo time. I love it. And, I do this twice a week.

I rotate around 4-5 hair masks. Here's my thoughts on each.

Lush H'Swan Wen Hua
For dry hair

A dry hair treatment mask, best applied directly on dry hair prior to shampoo. It smells lovely, almost herbal-like. At first it smells weird, but the lingering scent on your tresses does grow on you. My hair feels significantly softer, only after hairdrying. It doesn't have the silky silicone-like texture under the shower, unlike most conditioners and hair masks. The negative would be that this hair mask results in alot of product wastage, especially as it needs to be applied to dry hair.

Great for dry hair, but Lush H'Swan Wen Hua will not save your damaged ends.

Kerastase Masquintense 3
Impossible to not touch your hair after this

Coming across the Kerastase hair product range has been the best ever investment made to my hair. Not only has it saved it from being brutally damaged (and can only be repaired by the dreaded hairdresser crop), but it really is value for money. Just the smallest amount of product is enough to make your hair feel so much softer, silkier and smoother. Kerastase Masquintense comes in 3 types - fine, normal and thick damaged hair. I went with #3. I will always and continue to repurchase this, it is just simply a delight to use.

Best for hair that is damaged, dry, rebellious, coarse, and for that party night where you intend to flip your hair like a Sunsilk advertisement.

Fekkai Technician Color Care 3-Minute Mask
Coconutty goodness for colored hair
Fekkai's Tehnician Color Care range smells like divine coconut. I'm a huge fan of their conditioners (not the shampoos), because they give a nice 'luster' and softness to the hair. It's expensive for the tub, with prices equivalent to Kerastase. I find that this hair mask is somewhat 'cosmetic' and the dryness is apparent on my hair ends after the 2nd day of wash.

Good for colored hair, but qute gimmicky in my opinion. You're better off using something that targets dry and sensitised hair.

Phyto Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask
A darling for dry, damaged and coarse hair

Phyto phytojoba mask time is always a refreshing and pampering session for me. My hair has generally loved Phyto products, and this one product has made it to the 'repurchased' list! That said, this mask has changed my entire view on hair products; where I used to believe that Garnier, L'oreal, Sunsilk were sufficiently good for the hair. But no... Phyto introduced me to the world of gentle natural hair products. And I used to believe that natural ingredients were generally not as effective than synthetic ones. Phyto proved me wrong.

Asians with dry, course and rebellious hair will love this! You can often get this darling for decent savings at Watsons or Robinsons.

Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Deep Penetrating Reconstructor
Repairs your hair strands from within

Joico's K-Pak range is intentionally targetted to those who are chemical processing junkies - perms, colorings, etc. This particular reconstructing treatment has the highest concentration of protein, giving your hair strands the needed boost to build amino acids from within. It does sound quite gimmicky at first, but it has done wonders to improve the texture of my hair. I went through a period of my hair strands snapping off, but now I can see that there's a good deal of elasticity (often representative of healthy hair) after several applications of K-Pak Reconstructor.
Do note that if you use too much of protein treatments, your hair may end up feeling dry. So I only use this hair mask once a week at most, and often followed by conditioner. 

Do you use hair masks? If so, what type and how often?


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Kerastase is also one of the best investments I have ever made for my hair :) I use their hair serums a lot and love it =)

Tracy said...

I have to wholeheartedly agree with you that Kerastase makes the best hair products out there!!! They're worth the extra price tag.

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