June 3, 2011

Summer is here in Denmark

It's finally summer here in Denmark. Everyone is bustling in the city, and all the music festivals crowd around this weekend. My friend from Berlin will be coming over to visit me, and we plan to party up a storm on the weekend. All the girls are in floral dresses with their stylish bicycles, so I had to join in as well. Or at least look half as good looking as them. :-)

I decided to use my GHD to straighten out my permed hair. It makes me miss my straight-haired days. 

On my cheeks, I used Nars Copacabana multiple, which gives a pearlescent highlight. On top I have MAC (correction! Better) Happy Together Mineralize Blush, which works beautifully together with the highlighter, to give my skin a soft summer glow. 

On my eyes, I'm used a combination of neutral shades. There wasn't much thought when I did this look, but it turned out alright! MAC Dirty Greaspaint stick coupled with Phloof and Style Snob eyeshadows create this somewhat sultry look that is wearable in the daylight. 

My Forever21 top is my favourite this season. It's light, floral, and looks great paired with some tight tight cigarette jeans. 

Little elephants earrings which I picked up from Taiwan. 

My skin is feeling alot better day after day as a result of bikram yoga. On days, I don't really have to wear foundation and powder. I love this freedom. 

A bit of yoga philosophy for the day: Quieten the mind so that you can overcome your internal hurdles

Today is especially challenging. I have alot of thoughts in my head lately, and I certainly don't want to be doing bikram yoga today. The room seemed hotter than usual, and the people next to me were half-hearted in their poses. Or so it seems, to me. 

The trick about yoga is to quieten the voices in your head and focus despite all the external factors. Everything may seem hard at first (i.e. the eagle pose when you're sliding around with sweat or tempted to wipe your face halfway through a pose). Sometimes you feel like giving up. I was feeling nauseous and dizzy, and worried that I'll experience cramping because I didn't drink my prescription of 2 litres of water prior to class. There's so many reasons why you can't do something. Too many. 

But the mind is stronger than that, if you allow it to be. Focus on each challenge as if it's your last, and let go of expectations on yourself. Let go, let go, let go... and your mind will finally relax and move on. 

Have a lovely weekend :-)


Carla said...

Your posts on yoga have really pushed me to try and find a class soon! After exams I hope. and those cute earring are to-die-for! How cute.

Lilladylife said...

you look so pretty and fresh!!!! the blush is called better together? thats so cool!!! i have the same one its called happy together. Maybe they have diff names for countries?

Diane said...

what a pretty look :) loving the blush!

Tracy said...

@Carla: I'm glad to have motivated you to start thinking of doing yoga. Personally, I find it has changed my life.

@Lilladylife: Oops!!! Correction, it was really 'Happy Together'. What i did mean is that it's 'better' together with Nars Copacabana. haha! Thanks for pointing that out!

@Diane: Thank you!

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