June 20, 2011

Incredible Dimensions with Armani Eyes To Kill #1

I am a bit late on jumping the Armani Eyes To Kill bandwagon, but I only discovered this gem at London two weekends ago. I certainly wasn't expecting to purchase anything from Armani but upon swatching the range, I was instantly drawn into #1 - Blast of Blue. 

The blue and gold character pigments infused into a single swatch of divine goodness is something that I have yet to see, almost like semi-precious molten rock. For 23 pounds sterling, it's definitely a luxury bullet to bite. But for all that's its worth, the eyeshadow transfers easily on the eyelids and on days, I find that using this eyeshadow alone is all I need. Fuss free. Perfect. 

On my lids, it's simply breathtaking. 

And although it is mostly an evening look, I have been wearing it to work almost daily now.

In fact, #1 Blast of Blue reminded me so much of MAC Baby Sparks dazzleglass, which is infused with beautiful blue micro shimmer. 

Other news; this is a quick post to get me started again on blogging after a very long break. It's been quite challenging to find the time and motivation to blog again. But I met a friend last night, who is pursuing his dreams on photography. And he reminded of what I looked forward to most when returning home, and that is blogging. I will most definitely be putting more posts for the month of July. 

Thanks again for supporting me and hello to my new readers from the Makeup Blogette (Thanks Sophia! *hugs*)


Jessy said...

its nice to see your post again~~~i luv the colour btw~~~i think it is totally a daily look~~~lol as long as you dont smudge the colour all the day from your lash line to your brown bone~~~lol


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Glad you are back and will be continuing. You are looking more radiant every time!!! I think it's the yoga! I recently took a body flow class (combo of yoga and pilates) and it was relaxing and challenging but I think my skin is also reaping its benefits! Blue is gorgeous on your eyes!!

Jacqueline said...

Hey Tracy, thanks for your post on the GA Eyes To Kill. I'm dying to get my hands on these. How is the staying power of these? I have oily lids so need something that will stay on.

Tracy said...

@Jessy: Thanks :-) Not sure if my boss will approve a dark smokey eye.

@Rainy Days and Latte: I'm really glad you're taking up yoga as well. Bikram has done wonders to improve my complexion and wellbeing. I love navy blue shades, but not sure how I would fare in light blue... a bit tacky, maybe?

Tracy said...

@Jacqueline: The texture of the Armani is between a powder and cream so I have not experienced any creasing like traditional cream eyeshadows. Although, I do use a UDPP and it lasts for the majority of the day. Give it a go, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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