June 9, 2011

Every girl deserves to be pampered with LUSH

Life has been a little rough to me lately - too many work deadlines, late night study, lack of sleep and life disappointments. We all go through ups and downs in life and it's totally normal. As a result, I've left my blog alone for a little, but I promise to get back in the roll when things are more or less stable. 

I went a little gaga with LUSH UK online last week when my stress levels were shooting off the roof. I received my goodies today with glee.

Honestly I don't even remember what I ordered. I got carried away obviously and my shipment was substantial enough that they had to separate it into two boxes! 

So what did I get exactly?

 Vanilla in the mist soap 
 Noubar soap
 Porridge soap 
 Honey I washed the kids soap (love)
 Lemslip soap
Rockstar soap (love)

 Sugar babe scrub - to prep skin for sunless tanning :-)
The Joy of Jelly showerjelly - fun times!
Volcano foot scrub - for feet so soft that you want to eat it!

Dream cream (love) - to feel dreamy in my sleep 
Mange Too massage bar 

H'suan wen hua hair treatment (love) - to have hair that you've always wanted
R&B hair moisturiser

This will last me a while I think. haha!

Till then, have a lovely weekend! I'm off to watch the finals at Queens Club, London. I hope to see Nadal in action. I will be just chilling out this weekend, after a crazy intense week of work and study. And it's just another night of study till my exam tomorrow. Woopie!

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