May 27, 2011

Kat Von D's Beethovan Purples

Two weeks ago, I broke into my Kat Von D's True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Beethovan, using mostly the dark blue shades. Today, the purples come out to play. 

The shades that I used today are Sinner, Rad Purple, Leather and Galeano. All of the eyeshadows in this palette is so incredibly pigmented that I had to use a blending blush and blend till my arm hurts. So it's advisable to use a little bit of eyeshadow each time, and build it up slowly. Galeano is a beautiful shade, it's iridescent lilac shimmer is perfect as a inner eyelid colour. 

And the result? I prefer this look alot more than the other blue shades. I think purples are harder to get wrong and looks fantastic on asian skin. 

Natural Sunlight

Flash photography

On my lips, I have a soft muted baby pink lipstick by Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in PK 316. It glides on beautifully on the lips like a gloss. 

Other news; I have a been a little behind in my posts (as usual). I have my exams in 2 weeks, on top of crazy work deadlines (just survived one yesterday), travelling across 3 different timezones and managing my yoga schedule. So yeah, it's been quite intense and it's going to get much worse in June. Please be patient with me :-)

Ps: Have you experienced blogger playing up lately? I can't seem to post properly and it loses content every time I publish. So frustrating!


Jessy said...

i luv the colours~~~they look really good on you~~~i think kat von d palette are great cuz they offer great colour range, but also very good quality


Justine (Productrater) said...

beautiful colour. I have a NYX palette that looks like this one,but I am betting it's not as good. :)

Fannie said...

Hi Tracey, The colors are very lovely on you. I find blues harder to wear on oriental skin tones too. If only we could cut this pallet in half and buy the shades that are more flattering. Thanks for sharing and great look.

Jacqueline said...

Hey Tracy, great eye looks. Good luck to your exams! Take it easy dear.

Tracy said...

@Jessy: Thanks - would be great if KVD was more readily available internationally.

@Justine: I think I know which NYX palette you're thinking about. I believe it's called Jazz night - comes with 10 shades or something. Afraid that it lacked pigmentation for me, so I tossed it out.

@Fannie: Probably you'll find other great palettes out there that just has purples. But agree with you that purples look more flattering on asians in general.

@Jacqueline: Thanks - need as much luck as possible. Hard to study when you're working, yoga-ing, and socialising at the same time!

makeup artist in Sydney said...

I really love this eye look. I wanted this look all about the eyes so I went with a toned down lippy. I feel I should have used a nude instead of pink. I'm not diggin' the pink paired with the eyes...bridal makeup artist sydney

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