May 1, 2011

Selling my Nikon DSLR D40x

In the world of photography and blogging, it's important to have accurate and high quality pictures. My experience in photography started off with the Sony point-and-shoot camera and the quality of those pictures were rubbish. I upgraded to the Nikon D40x DSLR as an entry-level camera with an extremely easy to use automatic P mode.

A natural progression from an entry-level camera is to begin using the manual functions between aperture and shutter speed. I started to appreciate more of the advanced specs to minimise 'noise'. So I decided to upgrade to a D7000, a beast in comparison to the D40x. I really love my DSLRs because of the 'bokeh' you can achieve - in other words, the blurriness to the background. And the whole point of the DSLR is to see what the picture would look like through the lenses and sometimes you'll be amazed at how beautiful the world is through pictures!

So I'm going to let go of my Nikon D40x 10.2megapixal DSLR (body only) for US $350, inclusive of international shipping. You will also get battery pack, recharger, manual, camera strap and USB cable. Camera weighs 495g. Retails for $899 on

The only reason why I'm not including the lenses is that you can actually select your preferred Nikon (or Sigma, the cheaper cousin) lenses. For wide-angle landscapes, you will get beautiful images with the 200mm lenses, and for bokeh you will get stunning images with the 50mm lenses. Some lenses are really affordable and some are not so... but the choice is totally up to you!

You can read expert reviews of the Nikon D40x here.

Serious buyers only. Thank you! :-)


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