May 7, 2011

Rosy Warm Complexion with Chanel Bronze Rose

One of my highlight purchases from NYC was the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel - 4 Facettes Bronzing Powder in the shade Bronze Rose from the Chanel Summer Collection 2011. Four multicoloured shades in the pan, each measuring 1.5cm each, provides a lovely contrast of darker and lighter hues of brown with one accentuating strip of medium pink. 

Compared to the 2008 Chanel Summer Bronzer, this summer's bronzer features more contrasting colours and translates into a surprisingly beautiful soft rosey glow. 

There is 14 grams of product, which contains more product than other brands - i.e. Nars Laguna (8g), Guerlain Terracotta (12g), Too Faced Chocolate Soleil (10g). Something to consider if you want to calculate the value of the product. Retails for US $50. 

It comes with a fairly large bronzer brush and surprisingly doesn't feel cheap. This becomes a practical aspect when you're travelling. For today's post, I am using Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Brush to apply the product all over my face. For a more precise bronzer application, the brush supplied will do a decent job. 

In terms of pigmentation, my brush is able to pick up the product fairly easily. I find that the texture of the powder is not as 'soft' as Guerlain bronzers. However, having a bronzer with lesser pigmentation will actually become an advantage for you, and prevents you from applying too much on initial application. It's often disastrous and time-consuming when you realise that you have applied too much bronzer or blush. 

Layering is the trick here and I can see that it will be quite difficult to make mistakes with Chanel Bronze Rose. 

The different hues of brown looks like you can select specific shades using the brush supplied. Then again, you might not need to resort to that method since all the four colours seem to complement each other and gives you a rosey brown colour as a result. 

I decided to compare the Chanel Bronze Rose to my other bronzers in my stash, and it's quite interesting to see them side by side, showing you how 'pink-based' this bronzer is. 

As you can see, Chanel Bronze Rose could almost get away by being a blusher. This will work with ladies who are fair, or don't want to look too orange or muddy. 

You should also consider that oxidation will be expected on any coloured face products, so orange-based bronzers tend to look quite obvious after a few hours of oxidation. Guerlain and Chanel Bronze Universal errs on the side of orange, whilst Nars Laguna and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil tend to be more of a true brown. And well, Chanel Bronze Rose is like the odd cousin. Is it a blusher instead?

If you explode the swatch, you will notice very subtle shimmer in Chanel Bronze Rose. However, the shimmer is very finely milled, and less noticeable to Nars Laguna. 

There's no skill needed in applying bronzer - just use a little bit of bronzer and layer until you achieve the right amount of product that you're comfortable with. When it comes to me and Chanel Bronze Rose, I applied it like a complexion enhancer, with nothing specific in the application. Basically, brushing on the product to wherever I want to look like I needed some colour. 

I love the result. I think this is the perfect bronzer if you need a little all-over colour for your everyday errands or work. It seems to add the touch of 'au naturale' beauty in your makeup. A beautiful product again by Chanel. My word of advice... Get it now. 


Jessy said...

swatches already???thats fast~~~~lol, but i think its a gorgeous product~~~so pretty~~~and it looks great on you too~~~ ^_^

adsy1234567 said...

Looks great on you!! I really really want this, but it's not out in the uk till 20th...

Tracy said...

@Jessy: For once I have 2 posts in a single day. It is gorgeous. It's hard to picture bronzers and blushes especially when it looks like healthy skin.

@adsy1234567: ohh!! the 20th is still ages away! I noticed that it's not out in Denmark yet as well.

Jacqueline said...

This bronzer looks very nice on you! I picked the Bronze Corail instead. But looking at your post makes me want Bronze Rose too.n :)

Tracy said...

@Jacqueline: If that's the case, you should probably get the Bronze Rose too! hehehe. Might as well, right?

Jacqueline said...

Naughty to encourage me like that. I must stay away from the Chanel counter for the time being, I have GA eyes to kill coming and also plan to get the new muff aqua liners.

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