May 4, 2011

The New York State of Mind

I spent Easter Sunday in New York City, and I wasn't too sure what I wanted to do. I felt like doing something completely spontaneous and take myself to wherever the crowds were going.

I ended up at Fifth Avenue and walked down from Trump Tower. The roads were blocked off for the Easter Parade, where you get to see some 'paraders' wander up and down 49th to 57th Street. A true and invited coincidence, because I got to really 'celebrate' Easter the American way with Easter bonnets, and decked out costumes. Mind you, these paraders are not commissioned by anyone. They're just any other New Yorker/American/Joneses who wants to have a bit of fun.

Dancing on the street is completely normal.

And why not?

Not all bunnies have chisled bodies. But that's perfectly ok with me and my camera. Not sure if the kid is though.

You can even pull out those fugly looking pyjama pants and get away with it.

With crowds like that, it's a perfect opportunity to bust some killer moves and make decent coin!

And for a moment, I wished I had a hat like this. Just so that I could blend in the Wizard of Ozzy crowds.

And if you're truly out of inspiration, just add your bedroom soft toy on top of your old cap. It'll work!

New York on top of a hat? Sounds cool. And how about adding some photos of Nelson Mandela? Might as well add some flowers too... ah screw it, lets dress up as Michael Jackson at the same time. Totally random, but I suppose everyone understands the connection, no?

Some people take months of preparation, i.e. growing a beard and colouring it with some rainbow colours. It's totally Harry Potter in a completely eccentric way. But I really like it. ;)

I spent hours and hours just watching all the passerbys and it was simply a heartwarming experience seeing people gather for Sunday prayers. Even though I was there by myself, I immensely enjoyed the experience of people laughing and smiling.

So that concludes Day 3 of New York.

After 3 days in NYC, I feel so compelled to live here, at least for a short period of time. I have travelled to many places in my life, and I have enjoyed the cultural differences. But, if there is one place where people can live in harmony with each other, acknowleging the deep roots of cultural diversity and striving to be world class, then it has got to be New York. New York is like a culture, and if you want to be a New Yorker, then maybe being one is just a matter of figurative thinking. Here is what I found...

"A true New Yorker is simply anyone anywhere who yearns to be there for any reason, but isn't. You don't have to come from it, just to have fallen in love with it for no obvious reason, at some time in your life"

Yes, you get the negative aspect as well... If you ever hear the term of "Keeping up with the Joneses", New York is capital of high stress and depression rates. It relates to the New York state of mind - the sense of longing for something beyond ourselves. To live an American dream because you believe that you're better than anyone else, or striving to be better.  

Whatever it is...  

I love New York and I will be back again.
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Shelly said...

Did you know that's Eliot Spitzer in your second picture, the balding guy in the suit on the right under the Omega building?? I mean, he's not a huge celebrity or someone to get all that excited over, but he was New York's former governor who resigned over a sex scandal.

Tracy said...

Shelly, I had no idea but you're right!!! I do recognise him now that you mentioned it!

Jessy said...

OMG this sounds like a great trip, i always wanted to go new york...the hubby is there for work over the weekend so jealous of him~~~~great picture by the way, glad u had fun there

Label me Addict said...

looks FUN are the mocking the British guests to the wedding wearing HATS or is it some kinda festival going on?

Oh and by the way Happy 100 FOLLOWERS!!!

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