May 8, 2011

Essie Lapiz of Luxury - a unique work friendly blue varnish

This is my first time trying Essie nailpolishes and I picked up this gorgeous shade called Lapiz of Luxury from the Essie Resort Collection. The formula is a little runny at first, and seems quite gloopy as well. But it dries into a gorgeous cream opaque periwinkle blue. It's difficult to describe the colour exactly, because it almost looks like a Tiffany/periwinkle blue in daylight and a little bit of a greyish undertone in nightlight. 

A beautiful shade to complement colourful spring skirts. 


Low light


Diane said...

ah i've always wanted this but havent gotten around to getting it :)

looks great on you!

Tracy said...

@Diane: Thanks! I love it too. Not too crazy blue and lady-like.

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