May 7, 2011

New York City Beauty Haulage

We all love hauls. I do. I always want to see what's out and new in the market, but I get even more excited when I see the words 'epic', 'major', 'massive' and it's click-click-click makeup porn! BUT, when it comes to me posting anything about hauls, I feel slightly embarrassed. Only because I am a big victim of impulse shopping and I exercise very little self control when it comes to anything makeup related. I decided that in order to complete my series of New York City posts, I should ultimately conclude it with a haul post, whether or not I might get judged for the amount of money I have spent on this trip. ;-)

Lets start with Laura Mercier. Bloomingdales was doing a beauty promotion where if you spent $125, you get a lovely GWP that includes flawless skin repair serum, mini fan powder brush, universal loose setting powder, charcoal grey tightline cake eye liner and a classic taupe brown makeup bag. I repurchased the LM original tinted moisturiser, a translucent loose setting powder and gel lipstick in rosette

I didn't buy as much as I would have expected in Sephora. I did get a few bibs and bobs because I have been eyeing them for the longest time. Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Beethovan has the craziest intense pigmentation. As you have seen on the first day, I purchased the MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in 42, a gorgeous orange based red.

I also chanced upon Bobbi Brown when exiting Bloomingdales and thought of trying out the Vitamin Enriched Face Base and Hydrating Eye Cream. Together with that purchase, the GWP includes the Bobbi Brown 3-pan palette, dual ended brush, mini pot rouge in Blushed Rose and some deluxe sized mascara which I can't find. 

Lancome does awesome GWPs as well, and this one is fairly generous for any purchase of $30-40 (I can't remember exactly). I bought a backup of my favourite Bifacils Eye Makeup Remover and Hypnose Drama mascara which is not available in Asia. GWP includes Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow, Tinted Self Tanning Leg Gel, Genifique Eye Cream, Genifique Serum and Lancome Juicy Tubes in Coral Rush. 

No trip to the US is complete with a few MAC bibs and bobs. A lovely SA at Macys on 34th Street helped me pick a few staples including the MAC Glaze Lipstick in Hot Tahiti, Lustre lipstick in Lustering, Amplified Cream in Chatterbox, matte eyeshadow in Bamboo, frost eyeshadow in Phloof!, Veluxe Pearl in Twinks, and a Penultimate Eyeliner in Rapidblack

I couldn't believe how much more expensive Chanel is compared to other brands. But the prices are equivalent to what I pay in Singapore. In other words, I can't believe how cheap drugstore, MUFE and MAC products are in the US. The newest limited edition 4 Facettes Bronzing Powder in Bronze Rose has been on my mind for months now so it's great to finally have my hands on it. 

Eyebrow services in Denmark are really expensive, so my mission when I arrived in NYC was to get something to control my one-brow. I didn't quite understand the need for THAT many brow products but after using all of these items over this weekend, my eyebrows look so much better. You get about 7 products and 5 eyebrow stencils for the price of $75, and supposedly valued at $185. Although quite expensive to fork out initially, collectively these products are really really nice. 

In the set you get 5 stencils, calibrated tweezers, Brunette/Dark Brown Brow Powder Duo, Eye Lights Matte, Lash Lifting Mascara, Cooling Eye Brightener, Clear Brow Gel and dual ended brush.

Miserable 2 nailpolishes from Essie, Chinchilly and Lapiz of Luxury

And a bunch of drugstore goodies from Bath & Body Works, Target and Walmart. I didn't go as crazy as I thought I would. Also because I was running out of money. haha!

And lots and lots of haircare. I'm obsessed with anything hair related. Not surprisingly, my luggage weighed 30kg after a week. Inevitable. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! It'll be a busy product reviews month I think but I'm definitely looking forward to trying out all my new goodies!


makeup merriment said...

WOW! What A HAUL! Amazing! I just ordered the Chanel Bronzer- I can't wait till arrives. I will be waiting to read loads of wonderful reviews x jeanie

CAMILLA said...

what a haul...
i really love your hauls esp. the make ups... ^^

Jessy said...

OMG, this is like make up haul~~~~i luv the anastacia kit you have~~~envy~~~

adsy1234567 said...

wow!!! such an amazing haul! I was looking at everything thinking I want all of this! haha...

Tracy said...

@makeup merriment: Look forward to your review on the Chanel Bronzer. i've seen different versions of the review and it makes me want to do more looks with it!

@CAMILLA: Haha! Thanks!

@Jessy: my turn to post 'epic' makeup porn. :-)

@adsy1234567: I held back alot otherwise it could be 3 times more than this. lol. dangerous.

Diane said...

Lovely haul :) I spy a Hard Candy Fox-in-a-box blush! I was thinking of trying the LM Loose Powder... is it good?

Jacqueline said...

That is a fantastic haul! Can't wait to see the reviews.

Tracy said...

@Diane: Sharp! Yup, I had to control myself with the Hard Candy blushes. They all look too pretty in the boxes. Dupes of Benefit boxed powders.

@Jacqueline: Slowly and surely using these products and loving every moment of trying new products. :-)

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