May 11, 2011

Copenhagen is a city of cyclists

When you arrive in Copenhagen, the first things you will notice are the beautiful women on bicycles, with flowing Swedish blond hair and laid-back chic fashion. And the next thing you will notice will be the cyclists, especially the cute guys with funky retro headphones zipping through the bicycle lanes. ;-) 

Enough of the good-looking chatter about the Danes. I will have an opportunity to talk about the 'dating scene' here in the city of ø æ å (the additional letters to the Danish alphabet). Btw, it's not the best sounding language in the world, and sounds very much like someone manipulating the speech centre of your brain and making you sound like a spastic who had a little too much alcohol. 

Copenhagen is a picturesque city with lots of lots of bicycles. It's the easiest way to commute around the city. Public transport here is not cheap. And what better way to travel and exercise at the same time during the Danish summer, which is the perfect weather until we get the cold miserable winters. 

There are ALOT of bicycle ads.

So what am I to do but buy myself a bike? And I'm now a proud owner of a Danish bicycle... except I don't really know how to cycle one. So instead of blogging after work, I'm learning how to bike in the park. 

It's been 15 years since I've last biked. The Danish bikes have breaks with the pedals which is quite puzzling. I always have difficulty starting the bike because my bimbo brains doesn't register the forward wheel motion (i.e. sometimes I go backwards and the breaks on the bike doesn't let me do it). Anyway, it's not difficult to bicycle, it's just that I don't want to look like a fool at the traffic lights. 

Bike theft is incredibly common here in Copenhagen. It's usually people who have drunk too much on Friday afternoons and need to 'borrow' a bike to get home. 

My objective is to look fashionably chic on my bike, and commute about 30kms to work daily. 

Hehe... Good luck to me. :-) 


Alexutza said...

Have you visited Tivoli Gardens? I really loved it in the Christmas time, with all those beautiful lights. Missing being there. Lucky you.

Tracy said...

@Alexutza: I haven't actually! *shocked* The gardens were closed in April for repairs, but believe it should now be reopened to the public. I will check it out on my spare weekend when the sun is smiling bright.

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