April 21, 2011

Rustic eyes with Lunasol Aurorize Eyes - Contrast Variation 05

Every year Lunasol releases beautiful eyeshadow palettes for the fall, encompassing a range of sultry and shimmery eyes. Being a collector of Lunasol eyeshadow palettes, it was pretty much guaranteed that I would pick something up from the Aurorize Collection. 05 Contrast Variation offers 5 warm-toned neutral shades to create a rustic coppery eye.  

I like to alternate my looks when I go out. Sometimes opting for a softer look or a daring look depending on how I feel. Last night I didn't want any sort of extra attention because I was the only chick hanging out with a bunch of guys. I wanted to look polished and blend in with the blokes. Does that make any sense?

If you use all these shades in this palette, you can create a neutral smokey eye. Adding fake lashes will add more points to sultry look. I decided to go with my usual Dior Extase Mascara, which volumizes and gives a fake lash effect.

Lunasol traditionally packs alot of glitter in their eyeshadow palettes. If you like more of a satin or matte finish, Lunasol would not be your brand. I appreciate Lunasol eyeshadows when I want to focus more to the eyes, and give a shimmery dimension which you otherwise not get from other Western cosmetics. I find it beautiful to wear to the office but some may find the glitter quite distracting.

The texture of these shadows are not as soft as the older releases. However, the brush picks the powder up easily.

I love the dark blue shade, because I can use this to extend my lashline. On the other hand, I'm not too fond of the shade to the top left corner, because the warm tones actually looks quite odd to my cool toned skin colour.

I'm on the fence with the middle silver shade. It's nice to add a little bit of glitter to the eye, but I find that there's so much fall out that it's mandatory to put some loose powder under the eye.

Natural light

I would have loved this palette more if it was more cool-toned. But nevertheless, it's a wearable everyday palette if you like warm toned neutrals.

With flash
Cheeks with illamasqua cream pigment in delirium.

All the products used in today's look


CAMILLA said...

i never try lunasol palette
such a lovely color,
thanks for the swatches

makeup merriment said...

Beautiful classic look! I love that palette. I wish we had Lunasol here!

Tracy said...

@Camilla: You're welcome. Give it a go sometime, you will love it!

@makeup merriment: Unfortunately Lunasol is harder to find in the US and EU. But it's readily available in Asian markets.

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