April 18, 2011

Rainbow Fingers: My Nailpolish Collection

I have never been very big on nailpolishes but over the past year my collection has expanded quite dramatically from zero to nine! Well, I suppose nine is probably not much but I love them all. Colours that I'm not a fan of goes straight into the bin or donated to my little sister.

So here are all my nine little darlings. A large majority from OPI, but with some from illamasqua, Chanel, Lunasol, Sephora by OPI, and GOSH.

OPI collections for me are hit and miss. I love all the shades from the Shrek Collection but despise the ones from the Alice in Wonderland Collection. I find that the OPI formulas are generally ok, sometimes needing 3 coats to achieve an opaque consistency (I'm looking at you OPI Bubble Bath). My favourite shade from my very limited OPI collection would have to be OPI Rumple's Wiggin'. 

In Singapore, OPI nailpolishes retail for S$23.95 at department stores. But I bought my OPI nailpolishes (and Seche Vite) recently from the site called dollsupnails.com which offers free local shipping, and most OPI nailpolishes are only S$12.50. Steal!

Sephora by OPI  in Metro Chic was a major disappointment for me. I heard great raves about this colour from our beloved faffinettex3, but I needed 3 coats to achieve a decent finish and the formulation is too runny for my liking.

I hardly ever splurge on high-end nailpolishes. However, I decided to try at least one Chanel and one illamasqua nail polish over the past few months. I have not regret making these purchases and I can see why they're priced a little more than our dear cousins in the drugstore.

Chanel formulations are beautifully pigmented and application seems easier too. The only Chanel nailpolish I own, Black Pearl, has a brush that makes application precise and easy. On the other hand, I seem to always make a mess out of my illamasqua's Throb Nail Varnish. That said, illamasqua nailpolishes have a top-notch reputation for pigmentation.

And wait for it... my Chanel Black Pearl nailpolish bottle is now half full (or half empty, however you like to view it!). I've worn this shade week after week and still catch myself gazing at the colour. It's a gorgeous shade and is incredibly work friendly. It takes a little bit more guts to wear illamasqua throb to the office though.

I love cool toned nailpolishes. Probably because I have cool undertones.

And the underdog nailpolish has got to be GOSH. For a drugstore nailpolish and probably the least expensive nailpolish out of my entire collection, it achieves great opacity. I haven't had a chance to look at the other shades yet but Pink Rose is a bright barbie pink colour that makes me feel like a teenager again.

In summary, it's not alot but I'm really happy with what I have at the moment.

What nailpolishes would you recommend? I'm going to the US next week and I'm thinking of buying a few more there! Woopie!


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

There is a lot of people who like Dior nail polishes and MAC ones, even YSL ones. I haven't tried any of them but Chanel and Illamasqua would be my quick picks :) They are so pigmented! Very nice. When you do come to the US, check out Target because they carry Nicole by OPI :) Sephora also carries their line of OPI, usually exclusive to the store.

Tracy said...

Thanks so much for the recommendations!! Cool, I will definitely check out target for the Nicole by OPI range. Uh oh, major damage coming ahead!! :-) so exciting!!!

gigidob said...

Hi Tracy,

My nail polish collection has tripled this last year! I'm fair-skinned and cool toned and will recommend spring/summer shades that I love. My most worn and most complimented are OPI Miami Beet, OPI Dim Sum Plum and OPI Tickle My France-y. Right now I'm wearing China Glaze Sea Spray which is very pretty.

I also have a handful of Chanel polishes. I wore Paradoxal all the time in winter. I then purchased Black Pearl and even though it's beautiful it tends to chip the next day on me! Do you experience the same thing? Do you use a base and top coat?

I ordered OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui last week and I'm so happy to see it in your collection! Can't wait to receive it in the post. OPI is really expensive in The Netherlands (where I'm living/working at the moment) so I order mine on ebay.

Happy hauling! I'm excited to see which ones you end up with :)

Tracy said...

gigibob, thanks for your recommendations! I will definitely check out what you've listed here.

I have to agree with you that my Chanel Black Pearl nailpolish chipped very easily. But I always had a base coat, and seche vite top coat so on average the colour lasted me 2-3 days without chipping.

I hope I don't get held by customs for the amount of 'flammable liquids' thats packed in my suitcase. :-)

makeup merriment said...

that is a wonderfully balanced collection! My stash is out of control! I need to weed out the dupes and narrow things down but I do love my little bottles of color. I have and love that Lunasol one- so pretty and sparkly!

I love some of the colors I got from Dior last year- they were all winners! Perhaps pick up some of the new Chanel summer ones- the yellow is gorgeous but I don't have the skintone for it!
x jeanie

Tracy said...

Jeanie, I was just thinking the same. I know the yellow Chanel nailpolish is going to be the star product but maybe it'll look too strange on already yellow-skin tones?

Don't speak so soon. I might end up hauling a suitcase full of nailpolishes. :-D

The Lunasol nailpolish is SUPER GORGEOUS on top of OPI Rumples Wiggin. It's magic together.

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