April 9, 2011

Preparing for sunny days: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

Spring is just around the corner and everyone is out and about today, basking in lovely 15 degrees weather. Before summer arrives, I love using a light bronzer, sweeping it gently to areas where the sunlight touches the face to give a sunlit glow to my otherwise pale complexion.

The powder has a soft and barely noticeable chocolate scent.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil is matte brzoner and is quickly becoming my staple in my daily routine. Simply because it's not orange and gives a satiny glow. It's almost impossible to go wrong with this bronzer. It's not too heavily pigmented that you need to rub off excess bronzer.

And the trick is to use a fluffy bronzer brush. Here I am using Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush. Honestly, the combination of this brush and matte bronzer is perfect for dummies who have no idea how to apply bronzer. Just sweep it over the cheeks, jaw line, forehead and tips of your nose, and within a few seconds.

And if used lightly, you can even use this bronzer as a contour shade to define your cheekbones.

The shade is ever so slight that I can easily use this as part of my daily work base makeup. And I've noticed that the Danish women are stunningly good looking but they wear very minimal makeup. At most they will apply bronzer and mascara.

On my eyes, I used a mixture of loose pigments from Paul & Joe and MAC.

And on my lips, I have on Chanel Rouge Allure in Confidentielle, a demure rose shade.

All the products used to create this look...

Base makeup


Sara.H said...

You look stunning! I love the shade of your lipstick! it's gorgeous :)

Tracy said...

Thank you!

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