April 13, 2011

Illamasqua's cream pigments in Hollow, Delirium and Mould

Illamasqua's Toxic Nature Collection features six brand new cream pigments. These babies need no real introduction - it's been all over the blogger community. There's some mixed reviews out there - some hate it because it creases,but some love it because it's so multipurpose. I believe I fall in the latter category. You get to use it on your lips, cheeks, eyes and anywhere you fancy. Creamy in texture, and dries into a satin finish.

Time for experimentation! Lets begin.

I used illamasqua's satin primer to give my complexion a dewy finish. Comes out as a liquid and spreads easily. It gives a beautiful dewy finish without making you look like a greaseball. We all dewy, don't we?

I find it easier to achieve a more natural look with cream products lately. I'm suffering from 'winter' dryness and I don't quite enjoy the 'powdered' look. Illamasqua cream blusher in promise is a cool toned pink that is deeper than Katie Powder Blush, and literally melts into your skin.  

And 'oh em gee', it's like spreading your fingers on butter. It's so creamy and delicious to the cheeks.

A dab on each goes a long way.

My cheeks look really bright with flash. But in all honesty, under natural light I deem it a wearable shade. And believe it or not, this is my work look nowadays. No mascara, no lipstick, not even powder. Say whattt? Yeah, I just want to keep things really simple nowadays. I leave all experimentation at home on the weekends.

So lets go back to the real subject for today's post; the illamasqua's cream pigments. Beginning with...


I would describe Hollow a beige neutral shade that works to conceal any redness to the skin. I hardly noticed any colour to my lids, so I would only use this as a contour shade. I didn't do it today but I can imagine that the soft beige colour on lighter skin types to be a pretty decent match.

I mainly used fingers to apply the product on my lids, and as you can see there's a barely noticeable sheen.


Delirium is a to-die-for shade. Described to be a taupey rose shade, it can be used on the cheeks as a blusher, eyelids or lips!

Again, here it is on my eyelids unblended. Yes, it looks pink but mind you, this is under flash. If you're scared of pink eyeshadow but still want a soft demure look, this might just be the shade for you.


Mould is a deep purple reddish shade. To me it really reminds me of MAC Rebel lipstick, which is so sexy on your puckers if you want your lips to dominate your look.

 My only gripe is really that Illamasqua cream pigments are hard to apply on the eyelids just with fingers alone, and even with a brush, because it's not like other traditional cream eyeshadows where it's generally more creamier in texture. With a darker shade, I find that I can't get the gradation effect usually achevieved with powdered eyeshadows. Mould should only be used alone as a base, instead of being mixed around with the other 2 cream eyeshadows. Practically, the colours of Hollow and Delirium is engulfed by Mould.

Note: I have not personally tested out the staying power of the cream pigments. I believe you need to set it with a eyeshadow or eyeshadow primer to make it stay put. Once I get more uses out of it, I will probably be able to update you on the staying power.  

Shucks, my lighting sucks. I'm sorry, I should have used flash in this case. Blah-dy hell. Well, you get to see the purple shade on my lid don't you?

But like I said, Mould is just meant to be for the lips, I reckon. Since the formula is matte, it tends to dry out my lips. But the colour hardly bleeds and stays on forever.

Then I added illamasqua's intense lipgloss in Frenzy, a bright fushia pink. The pigmentation is almost like a lipstick but when layered over Mould Pigment something else happens... almost like it's meant to be. You get the slight pink shade and deep purple hue - a schizophrenic combination made in heaven.

All the products featured in today's look.

To summarize, the illamasqua cream pigments are like kids at a candy shop because you can work so many different ways with them. Hollow is probably going to be great as a contour shade, Delirium as a blusher or eyelid colour or even lip shade, and finally Mould to experiment on the lips and eyes for a sultry look.  

A bit of a random post, but I hope you enjoyed the read nevertheless. :-)


miss wiggle said...

I LOVE the taupey-rose Delirium. Not a shade I often see. I like the simple bright cheeks look - it makes you look younger. Like, you can pass for a teenager in that pic. :D

Tracy said...

haha! Thanks, that's a wonderful compliment. Young is always good. :-)

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