April 17, 2011

Dior Confidence with Fuchsia Star Lips

Make a statement this spring with Dior's intensely radiant lipstick in Rouge Dior Fuchsia Pink 766. 

Everything about this lipstick exudes confidence and fun. I picked this gorgeously sexy pink lipstick while I was waiting for a friend. When this lipstick touched my lips, it was like I found an answer to my cure. I was suffering from serious boredom of my neutral and work-safe lipsticks.

Encased in the glamorous Dior's zig-zaggy etching, this lipstick is a wonderful addition to my boring beige and neutral collection.

This shade is not for the faint hearted. But it is guaranteed to get heads turning.

Paired with a sparkly neutral eye, there's no reason why you should be shy.

I used a lip brush to apply precise strokes and define the lips.

And funnily enough, the color is very close to illamasqua's intense lipgloss in Frenzy. I used a smidgen of lipgloss to the middle of my lips to add a glossy dimension.

All the products (and swatches) used to create this look.

+ illamasqua cream pigment in Delirium as a eyeshadow base

+ all the shades from the Majolica Majorca palette in BR751 - a lovely concoction of glittery/shimmery neutral eyeshadows

+ Paul & Joe's Eyebrow Pencil Duo in 03 - using the lighter shade on the inner brows and the darker shade on the outer part of the brows

+ One coat of Dior's Extase mascara

+ and Bobbi Brown's infamous gel liner in Caviar Ink with a slightly winged look.

I wore this look last night to go out with a bunch of new friends, whom I only met 2 nights ago. And seriously though, this lipstick is a headturner. Hands down! :-)


makeup merriment said...

So, so pretty! I'm going to get a bright pink lippie now if it's the last thing I do! You have a gorgeous smile too! x jeanei

Jessy said...

i luv bright fushia lipstick~~~they are a statement of confident

adrienne said...

That is such a beautiful color on you!
And the illasmasqua cream pigments are gorgeous :)

Fannie said...

I love that lip color, it looks great on you! Been looking for something kind of fuchsia for this spring and summer.

Jess said...

This is a super awesome hot pink, and it looks gorgeous on you, Tracy!

Yay, loving the large photos!

Tracy said...

@makeup merriment: Thanks Jeanie!

@jessy: Tell me about it! I wore this out and I swear I had girls and guys looking at me. I was hoping it was only looks of admiration. :-) It takes guts to wear this colour in a country where everyone is 'blending in'.

@adrienne: I must agree with you on the illamasqua cream pigments. They're lovely products!

@Fannie: I'm loving it too!

@Jess: Thanks for your comment. It was your honest feedback that made me improve my blogging skills. :-)

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