April 20, 2011

Burberry Luminous Compact Foundation + Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse Pink

Burberry Cosmetics was meant to arrive Tangs Beauty Hall (Singapore) in January this year, but it's April now and there's still no news of its appearance. Luckily, I managed to get my grubby little fingers over this range when I was in Hong Kong last year for a business meeting. I picked up the Burberry Luminous Compact Foundation and a few other eyeshadows which I will do a look in due time.

Today's review as mentioned in the title will be on the Burberry Luminous Compact Foundation, because I'm a powder junkie (and foundation, and blush, and eyeshadow, and lipsticks, and lipgloss... and the list continues). There is no discrimination on the type of makeup I like. I like them all!! Me and my makeup = one happy family. lol!!

I have been using this delicately fine powder foundation for a few weeks now and I love it! I was matched in store to the shade in Trench No. 04 which is equivalent to MAC's NC20-NC25 foundation shade. Please check out my foundation box to the right if you're not a MAC foundation user.

As you would typically expect from Burberry, everything about the packaging exudes prestige. Unlike Chanel compacts that is made out of a lightweight plastic material, all Burberry products are encased in a luxurious gunmetal metal case that is semi-reflective. It is noticeably heavy, but it doesn't weigh like a brick. You can tell that Burberry did not compromise in quality just by observing the intricacies with the packaging. 

The case is held together by a thin magnet that runs around the compact which lifts the middle compartment when opened. At the bottom the case sits a slim Burberry sponge. The lid only opens up to 90 degrees. A practical aspect to the packaging is that you will not encounter any accidents unless you expect sudden jerks in your bag. It comes with a velvet pouch (I must have lost it in transit), which adds to the elegant Burberry touch.

Slits run along the bottom of the compact to allow the sponge to breathe, minimising mildew growth.

You get 8 grams of product, which I would expect to finish quite quickly if I were to use it as a foundation alone. I don't believe there are refills with Burberry at the moment, a big pity considering how wasteful it would be to toss a functional case.

I realise that the best way to review foundations is to show your natural state - skin bare of makeup. That way you're able to make some comparisons.

I used a good amount of the Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse in PINK as my primer. I guess this is a double product review entry.

I applied the Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse (pink) to the bottom half of my face. You can see that it lifts my skincolour significantly, and makes my face look more radiant. 

And now to the rest of my face. haha! War paint.

Just by adding a slight pink shade to the face completely readjust my entire look completely, making my face look noticeably radiant and fairer. And another thing I did notice is that my open pores shrank. One word... beautiful.

I find that Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousses are best applied with pentagon sponges. The pointed ends allow the product to reach areas that are otherwise difficult to apply with your fingers.

In order for me to not get confused, I am using products in the pictures to remind me which side is which.


LEFT: I applied the Burberry Luminous Compact Foundation using the sponge directly on top of my primed face. I.e. this is what you would typically do if you use this powder alone as a FOUNDATION.

RIGHT: With primer on, no foundation yet.

I find that the coverage is more light to medium. So you can build this up by layering more powder on top, which I did but this created some cakiness around the nose and lip area (very dry at the moment due to the weather). If you moisturise your skin well, you might not be faced with the same problem. Perhaps using MAC fix plus prior to application will minimise the cakiness.

Now, you all would know that I'm currently loving the Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation. This is a GORGEOUS foundation, that photographs well and makes your skin look like perfection.

So comparatively, I prefer the right side, where I used Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation. I would always reach for liquid foundation over a powder at anytime, even if I'm running late.

What I have been doing lately is to use the Burberry Luminous Compact Foundation as a FINISHING POWDER, applying this over my face after liquid foundation. It works alot better this way for me because I don't get the cakiness and get a lovely luminous finish from both base makeup products.

Zooming in, I'll show you what I mean by cakey.

This is the side where I applied the Burberry Luminous Compact Foundation directly using the sponge provided. Not pretty.

However, on the right side where I applied the Burberry Luminous Compact Foundation as a finishing powder over Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation, the look appears more seamless.

Either way, it's a great powder from Burberry.

Blush in MAC Ripe Peach Blush Ombre.

All the base makeup used for today's entry...

I hope this review has been helpful for anyone who's considering of purchasing this compact foundation.

Please let me know your comments about this style of reviews. What would you like to see more of?

Alright, I'm off to pig out on my mushroom pizza from around the corner. Delightful! :-)

Edited: If you have a sharp eye, you would have noticed that I mispelt Burberry as Burburry. But I'm too lazy to re-edit my pictures again.


The Beauty Codes said...

I think I have to get my hands on the Shu Uemura's Primer! It looks amazing. By the way, did you try the GA Lasting powder foundation?

Lilladylife said...

the shu uemura mousse seems amazing!

Penelope said...

Wow, your skin looks divine! With and without products on it. I love how the mousse brightens up your skin. Also like the look of the Burberry foundation. The packaging of both products is gorgeous.

Yup, I'm Malaysian. How about you? x

Tracy said...

@The Beauty Codes: No, I haven't tried any GA powders yet but is it any good?

@Liladylife: I have to agree with you on that. Pictures don't lie!

Tracy said...

@Penelope: likewise! You've got beautiful skin.
I'm half Malaysian. Other half - Taiwanese.

The Beauty Codes said...

Well I'm gonna try the Lasting silk UV Compact in a week and I'll let you know, it has also SPF 34 which is very interesting.

Tracy said...

@The Beauty Codes: I look forward to reading your review! SPF 34 is indeed interesting...

Cherry Wu said...

I got the UV underbase in beige, it also has a great brightening property^0^~ LOVE shu uemura!!

Tracy said...

@Cherry Wu: Awesome! It's a great product!

Label me Addict said...

oh man! your beauty blog is AWESOME... i'm already following you on your 'living denmark' now you got me following you here tooo:)

don't forget to stop by my blog too yaaaa!!


Tracy said...

@Label me Addict: thank you :-) You made my day! Following you as well!

everbluec said...

I'm loving the "war paint" pic(where you apply the UV mousse on your upper part of your face)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Tracy! Your skin looks luminous and beautiful!! :) So very bright and awake! The Burburry powder is fantastic. It looks amazing and sleek! Those Shu bases you've mentioned seem to be wonderful!! I think base correctors are the most amazing things ever made :p

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