March 24, 2011

Sydney - the city of darlings and million dollar bay views

Sydney, city of darlings and sunshine.

Darling Harbour, Darling Point, Darlinghurst, Darlington, Darling Drive...

The Sydney siders sure love to use the word 'Darling'!

I took a very short break this month to unwind in Sydney. It was much needed but I felt it could have been longer. 

My first stop was the University to see little sister. University of New South Wales located at Kensington. 

As a good little sister would do, she took me shopping at Bondi Junction where I chanced upon Illamasqua Toxic Tale Collection, Inglot, and Priceline. Gosh, I love Priceline!

Yummy focacias and lattes. They're the best lunch time healthy treat for the jet lagged. 

Saw that they had the new Chanel Rouge Coco Shines. Sneaked a few shots before I was harrassed by the SA.

And played around with random geeky glasses at Typo, which they're now expanding into Singapore at Wisma Atria.

Hot chocolate at Max Brenners

No trip to Sydney is complete with a full landscape view of the bay, Sydney Bridge and Opera House. Here are the views from Milsons Point. 

Darling Harbour in the evening.

The Skytrain takes you from Darling Harbour to the casino, called Starcity, which I didn't go because I don't see the point in gambling. Funny how Garuda is trying to establish themselves in Australia, where safety standards are of utmost importance to authorities.

Kings Cross is notoriously crowded with weirdos, drunks, and perverted men at 1am. I guess it's always more exciting visiting a 'colourful' place. 

Plenty of Aboriginie character in the nooks and crannies of metropolitan alleys.

Not a particularly safe neighbourhood, you think? He missed the cage for the top window. *Gasp*!

Bottle shops and interesting packaging designs on wines. I would say Australian wine has really optimised their image.

With this wine, I'm sure I'll be picking up some cute Italian boys. They call them 'wogs' in Australia. Fat pizza, mate. 

Forget about sophisticated drinking. Just peace out with wine instead of hash. New age hippie enjoyment. :-)

Coupled with a strong drinking culture. A hang over can be easily cured with the greasiest, massive and carbohydrate loaded Aussie breakfast. Forget about the skin brightening masks etc. haha. Unnecessary.

Manly Beach

Bondi Beach

My obsession with Australian coffee.

Shopping within the city is always so fascinating. Sydney has really expanded its line of shops. Not to mention, Australian cosmetics are so massively overpriced due to import taxes. But I still managed to sneak a few purchases here and there. Not surprising!

A three level Apple Shop at Pitt Street crowded with students stealing a moment to check Facebook.

I will be back to Australia again. Next travel post will be of Copenhagen. I'm departing on Monday midnight *sob*.

Till then, bye bye to Singapore and all my friends whom I will miss dearly. :-(

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adsy1234567 said...

wow... sydney looks amazing!! i've been wanting to visit australia for so long. the cage house is soo cool, lol...

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