March 29, 2011

A splendid haul from Paul & Joe Beaute

Posting some belated hauls... first one up, Paul & Joe:

Last week, I took the opportunity to haul the splendid deal from Paul & Joe. It consists of four products plus one makeup bag, valued at S$98. It's a deal worth noting because the cumulative regular prices would easily exceed S$200!

And I had a $50 Isetan voucher that I had to use up, so even better.

You get the following products in this value set:

+ Pressed Powder N with Powder Case - choice of your preferred shade
I chose Shade 04, a light lilac shade to illuminate and brighten my complexion.

+ Moisturising Compact Foundation (refill) - choice of your preferred shade
I have the shade in 10. It's a product that has been sold at expos and the Prestige Warehouse Sales, but it seems ok upon touch. It might be a little too moisturising for humid climates but lets see how it performs in colder climates.

+ Protective Foundation Primer UV 02
I did a short review of this primer in 01. You may read my thoughts on the formulation here.

+ Portable Face Color Brush
A retractable brush for anyone on the go. The hairs are quite soft but not as dense as I thought it would be.

+ Makeup bag
A gorgeous makeup bag which can store heaps of products! I don't think this was part of the value set, but the lovely SA switched the other slim pencil case with this one. :-)

There are limited stocks from what I can recall. So if you're keen on some P&J base makeup, don't be slow to pick one up!


tk129 said...

does your retractable face brush snap in place when you push it to the top or do you have to hold it when you're using it?

Tracy said...

Hi tk129! There is a slot where you slide the brush and fix it in place. So no, you don't need to hold it when you're using it. :-D

Anne said...

hope you could post a review on the paul and joe retractable face brush thanks

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