March 9, 2011

A Perfect Accessory - Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Lover

If there's one blush that will blow your mind away, it would be the Illamasqua Lover Powder Blusher. It is an unexpected surprise from what I would originally think to be an unflattering tangerine blush on asian skin tones. I normally reach for pinks, reds and brown based blushes. Never a orange based blush.

I have been wearing this almost daily and love seeing it on myself, and would unembarressingly glance at every mirror in public to just take a sneak peak of my glowy cheeks. No shame in being openly vain right? Nope.

Upon swatching, the colour transfers very easily to my fingers. The same can be said when tapping a blush brush just ever so slightly on the top of the pan.

Swatched on the back of my arm, on top of a layer of liquid foundation to make the colour stand out. 

Illamasqua powder blushes are amazingly pigmented when swatched but transforms beautifully on the cheeks. Only the tiniest bit of colour, blended out, fuses directly into your skin and makes you look completely illuminated from within. Illamasqua competes on the likes of my Shu Uemura Glow On Cheeks (which I love but not so much on the plastic packaging).

I love Illamasqua packaging. It's beautiful and eccentric for the makeup lover who wants to 'accessorize' the blushers department. Don't we all get sick of looking at the same traditional, black and round MAC blushers?

With a little bit more colour to the cheeks, I would normally play down my eyes and lips. So today, I used Urban Decay Naked palette and Revlon Soft Nude Lipstick. Although, Illamasqua is a brand the teases your alter ego, there's nothing very 'alter ego' about this blush. It's your perfect accessory for a daring nighttime look or soft daily professional look.

Depositing the tiniest bit of colour to the cheek.

And then blending out.

Oh, check out my new mini-camera earrings. Aren't they gorgeous? They are part of the Top Shop Spring releases and they're stunningly beautiful. Embossed with crytals and leather, these little gems give so much punk to my daily outfit.

If you're new to Illamasqua, my first recommendation to you is to check out their powder blushes. They are sensational based on my initial experiences with Lover!


makeup merriment said...

Pretty, pretty! I love peachy shades like this! Looks gorgeous on you! I still haven't bitten into this brand yet! it looks dangerous though

xx jeanie

Makeup Magpie said...

Great shade! The perfect peach :) I must try this one out next time I'm in Sephora! Thanks for the review.

Cherry Wu said...

Oh, this is a gorgeoups shade, really similar to rose bloom from Laura Mercier, nice suble peachy color^0^~

Lilladylife said...

nice FOTD!!! ur post reminded me about this blush that I have hidden in my drawer, will bust it out tom!!! =D

Tracy said...

@makeup merriment: The promo pictures look so deceiving! You can definitely get some wearable shades from this line.

@Makeup Magpie: You're welcome!

@Cherry Wu: Ooh! Unfortunately we don't have Laura Mercier here in Singapore... or otherwise outrageously expensive. It's good for my wallet tho!

@Lilladylife: Looking forward to your FOTD! Now you've got me curious about what blush that you're hiding in your drawer.

smathianas said...

im loving those earrings and the blush is amazing on you

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